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05 Dec 2023
06Dec 2023

The management team and staff at The Dragon Hotel in Swansea are aware that we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and have committed ourselves to push beyond the legal and regulatory requirements in 2019 with an aim to building a sustainable future for the hotel.
To achieve this we have initiated the Green Society who will drive and action the initiatives brought forward to reduce the hotels water & energy consumption and aim to inspire guests and staff members to do what they can to help. 


Our Commitments

  • The Green Society shall meet once a month with a representative from each department to discuss and implement any incentives and actions planned.

  • Encourage staff and management to consider the environment with any decisions making within the hotel

  • Operate a linen and towel policy in our guest rooms

  • Continue to recycle all of waste such as paper, glass, batteries, ink cartridges, food waste and bulbs

  • Reduce our use of paper by using emails wherever appropriate

  • Operate a switch off policy where appropriate I.e. lights, TVS, heating, computers in staff and guest areas

  • Continue to use low energy bulbs and replace appliances with energy efficient models

  • Monitor and reduce our consumption of energy, gas & water

  • Provide guests with public transport information and walking maps

  • Promote local businesses and attractions within the hotel

  • Wherever possible use locally sourced and seasonal produce

  • Continue to review and improve our Green Policy without affecting the guest’s service


Currently in discussions with a local Bike Hire shop to have a bike rental scheme initiated at the hotel for our guests. We hope this will encourage guests make the greener, healthier choice when commuting around our beautiful city and seafront. We hope to have this scheme up and running before the summer season.

The hotel is constructing a green directory containing information on local businesses and attractions which customers can visit and enjoy within walking distance of the hotel or easy to travel to on a bike or on public transport.


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