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Tom’s Boxing Victory!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

tom 2On the 14th September 2013, I made my professional boxing debut at Oceana, Swansea. I had previously campaigned 47 times as an amateur, but with the Commonwealth Games still 12 months away and selection not guaranteed, I decided to make the jump into the paid ranks.tom 1
I undertook an 8 week training camp for this fight in order to get myself into top condition. With the brilliant support I received, I was very excited for fight night.
I boxed against a very tough, durable journeyman from Reading named Ibrar Riyaz. We boxed over 6 rounds and I came away with a comfortable points victory. It was an excellent learning fight and helped me to gain invaluable experience. The support I tom 3had was amazing, for which I am very grateful.
I will now take a week off and overindulge myself before easing myself back into training before my next fight in Mid/Late November.

All around the world Staff Party

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Staff PartyWe had our biannual staff party on Sunday, the theme was all around the world and boy did the staff put the effort into their costumes!

The room was perfectly decorated with themes and national flags from all around the world.  We had a double bungee run, so the competition was fierce we had chefs to the hotel fitness guru taking part and somebody nearly broke it (not mentioning any names!).

The staff danced the night away with our resident DJ; we played some party games and had a limbo dance off!

All in all everyone had a fab evening and there were plenty of sore heads on Monday morning!

Swansea Lifestyle Awards

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Friday the 19th July was Party night for the managers at The Dragon as we all attended the Swansea Life and The Wave Lifestyle Awards.

AwardsAs ever the professionals, we attended the event representing the hard work and awarddedication of the whole Dragon Hotel Team, which resulted in us being shortlisted for the Best Hotel Category.

The night was full of Glitz and Glamour!

We had a delicious meal, lots of fantastic entertainment and very importantly plenty of wine!

The Dragon Hotel was also included in a really fun Flash Mob, with a few lines of the song dedicated just to us. Tara also managed to get a part singing about fitness and waving her dumbbells in the air!

Needless to say, we were out beyond midnight and there were a few sore heads the next day, but it was all worth it!

Here’s a few piccys of the night……..

The Calm Before The Storm

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Sean (Reservations co-ordinator) is on countdown and has been since the beginning of the year! His holidays are fast approaching where he will be found sunning his well earned pecks after working hard in the hotels Healthclub on the White Island they call ‘IBIZA’ Lucky him…!!!Ibiza

Sean will be found in his Mankini doing the funky chicken on Bora Bora beach if you should see him say Hi!

Louise will be crying into her Coffee cup in his absence.  Hopefully we will have a heat wave here and we will see some Sun too.

Let’s hope time will fly by (for Louise at least) and Sean will be back in the office with Louise’s BIG duty free gift!!

Join The Club!

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

A pleasant afternoon was had by all who were able to attend The Dragon Loyalty Club Afternoon Tea on Friday 21st June.

With some important changes afoot with the introduction of Macdonald Hotels & Resorts’ The Club it proved a convival gathering of familiar faces.

The Club will now replace The Dragon Loyalty Club for accommodation rewards so although any Dragon points you may have collected may still be redeemed against accommodation at the hotel, from July 2013 Dragon points may only be collected on Brasserie and Beauty purchases.

For more information on The Club visit .

I ‘Manned Up’ at Toughmudder and I loved it!!

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Well two weeks saw me take on the ultimate physical and mental challenge : Toughmudder! tara toughmudder 1

I packed my lovely pink trainers away and took an old pair that I would be saying bye bye forever to! Once the suitcase was packed and we were ready to leave Swansea there was no turning back as we made our way to Winchester.

What an incredible experience!

Who would have thought being electrocuted, jumping in a pool of ice, crawling through mud pits and jumping from a height of 25ft whilst running 12 miles would be so much fun?

I know what you’re thinking …”Um, no Tara that sounds ridiculous and insane”

Yep, you’re probably a little bit right but it was AMAZING!

It all kicked off up in Winchester where Justin and I took on the challenge along with Dean & Rob. We also had the uber glamorous Angela Jay and Gemma with us for support, motivation and official photographers and camera girls.

We had an early start in a massive field with kick off at 8am. So once we’d handed in our Death Waiver and dropped off our bags we were ready for action. After a quick warm up we were moved on to the start line…..but you had to jump over a fence about 8ft high first (Enter my first thought of doubt…OMG I’m not gonna get over that!), but I had no choice. The boys told me if I can’t get over on my own, I’ve got no chance.

tm 2Easy! I got over, on my own, no help or anything!! PAH!! 1-0 to Tara. Confidence instantly increased.

Following the first mile running the obstacles started. I won’t go through them all but I’ll highlight the best (or worst) ones….

After Kiss of mud #1 and Glory blades was Walk the Plank.

No hesitation, 25ft up and I jumped in. The water was freezing but I was so chuffed that I jumped it first time!

Then we took on Log jamming (hard, as they greased the logs)

Dirty Ballerina

Human Gecko then my toughest one Arctic Enema.

OMG – I know what freezing really does feel like. I jumped in, popped my head up (mistake, I should have gone straight under the wood panel). I thought ‘Take 2 deep breaths and get under’

I was frozen; I couldn’t breathe in or out. My mind was telling me to go under and my hand was under the wood so I could feel where I was going but I just couldn’t breathe. So the event supervisor grabbed me to the side and next thing I was being dragged out. It wasn’t until I was out that I managed to actually shout ‘get me out’, bit late at that point, but at least I jumped in!

So on we went approx 4 miles in and made our way through

  • Kiss of mud #2
  • Boa Constrictor
  • Funky Monkey (I was more of a funky swimmer)
  • Mud Mile (Eewwww)
  • Hold your wood (I did help the boys honest)
  • Fire Walker
  • Island hopping (think total wipeout)
  • Trench Warfare
  • Electric Eel – oh no, the first of being electrocuted. Mine wasn’t that bad as I only got hit once but the boys (a bit bigger than me) really got it!
  • Hero carry (Justin = hero, Tara = carried )
  • Hero Walls (OMG so high!)
  • Cage Crawl (totally immersed in cold water with enough room for your face to breathe and hands to pull yourself through a cage)
  • Everest (Sprint up a half pipe and hope you get helped up – I did first time!! Yahoo!)
  • And the big finale
  • Electroshock Therapy.

This was the biggy we were all a bit scared of, so Dean and Rob ran through getting hit at all angles then it was me and Justin to go. As we were running through knee deep mud and getting zapped all over the place, Justin was totally KO’d by a shock and fell right in front of me in the mud.

OMG Tara…just watch the mud and don’t fall down….

Again Justin was zapped and KO’d a second time on the floor and luckily for me (on the grand scheme of things) I made it through without falling but feeling the force about 6 times!

We made it!!!! And to celebrate our completion in 2 ½ hours (which we were totally shocked by as we’d estimated about 4 hours!), we were awarded our Toughmudder headbands, tshirt and pint of Strongbow!

After a much needed shower and protein bar for the guys at USN, we decided to entertain ourselves watching other toughmudders get electrocuted. It was so funny, i could have watched for hours!!

Now, after reading that you may be thinking you fancy giving it a shot yourself?!?!?

Yeah?!? No?!?!

Well, there’s gonna be one in Wales in September and I am sooooooo going to spectate and watch the event on Sunday 22nd (if you fancy going give me a shout, I’m up for meeting a fab group of people up there for a day out! – wonder if my TARAnsformers will be up for it?)

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell and apart from grazed and bruised knees & elbows I have incredible memories and I’m so thankful of my amazing Toughmudder Team Justin, Dean, Rob, Angela and Gemma seeing me through it!

I’ll be posting a video onto my YouTube page soon, so make sure you look out for it!tm 3

Keep Fit, Fab & Dirty

Tara xx

P.S I celebrated with a well earned glass of Prosecco to transform back into girly Tara afterwards xx

Tara’s Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Don’t you just love those morning when you wake up at 04:45 and you go straight out the kitchen and bake some healthy muffins…..not happened to you? Ah, well it was a first for me too!
My hubby bought a new flavour whey protein (Apple Cinnamon Swirl) and I just HAD to make some muffins out of it because I NEEDED to try it!
And my recipe worked first time!!
Here’s a mini recipe and a few piccys of how these little apply, cinnamony, crazy time in the morning-y, little creations turned out!


I made 4 out of the ingredients so each muffin has the following:
Calories: 98
Carbs: 1.5g
Protein: 9.25g
Fat: 6g (only 1g saturated)
Fibre: 1.75g
Sugar: 1g

I cut mine in half and added a teaspoon of natural nut butter, so add that to your macros too!

Bye Bye Rob!

Monday, March 18th, 2013

After 6 fabulous years, Rob has finally taken the jump and is moving on to pastures new! So Rob leaves Tara and Andy to take on the Personal photo (4)Training in The Dragon Hotel in Swansea to the next level and look forward to welcoming Natalie and Louise to the Team!!photo (6)

As with any celebration (we are sad that rob is leaving us….honest!), there has to be some celebratory drinks.

Many of the staff from The Dragon Health Club and Hotel met up on Saturday for a day of Sport and Socialising. Naturally, some of the boys had to start celebrations after a large cooked breakfast so the partying started at 12pm. Then it was a few drinks whilst watching Swansea vs Arsenal (we lost L ) and then a few more to watch Wales vs England! Woo Hoo!!! We won!!!

So there was more celebrating! This lasted into the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, after a shift of partying in excess of 12 hours (Rob struggles putting hard work in for 8 hours) Rob was a little sleepy, and managed a bit of shut eye before actually getting to bed!!

We all partied hard to make sure Rob had a good send off and we wish him all the very best of luck in his new job!!

Good Luck Rob, We’ll miss you!!

From everyone at The Dragon Hotel


The Dragon Hotel Gift Cards

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Looking for that unique gift for someone special who has everything?

Well look no further; The Dragon Hotel Gift Card is the perfect answer! (more…)

You ready for some Flipping or Tossing?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Shrove Tuesday will be upon us so we thought we’d get in really early and make sure that not only are you prepared for some flipping good fun, but you’re also having a healthy pancake day this year!

Tara Hammett, our Health Club Manager and one of Swansea and South Wales’ top Personal Trainers (Did we mention finalist in the National Fitness Awards Personal Trainer of the Year 2012?) has shared her healthy pancake recipe that will keep your mid week healthy nutrition in check! It’s gluten free, high in fibre and massive on taste!

Ingredients: (for one pancake, increase ingredients accordingly)

For the pancake:

1 Tablespoon Coconut FlourPancake blog (2)

2 Egg Whites

¼ Cup Coconut Milk

For cooking in the pan:

Coconut Oil

For adding at the end (optional):

¼ teaspoon Truvia


Mix all your pancake ingredients together. Firstly I whisked my egg whites up, then I added the flour and milk to a nice little batter.

Add ½ teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan and swish it around.

Add your pancake batter to the pan and cook on one side for about a minute whilst swishing (said that twice now) the batter evenly around the edges.

Then…..the next move is your shout….what will it be??

A Flip????


Risk a toss???

Well…..I’m gonna put it out there – I flipped!! Which I must say is medium on the adventurous scale, because sometimes I totally bail out and cook the other side under the grill (top tip).

Cook the other side for about another 30 seconds, then slide it out onto your plate, sprinkle with a bit of truvia and squeeze some fresh lemon and tuck in!!


So, you’ve had fun, you feel like you’ve indulged and you can enjoy the rest of your evening guilt free!!

Macros per pancake:

139 kCals

9g Protein

6g Carbs

3g Fibre

9g Fat


Tara x