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Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations


Christmas Celebrations


The Dragon Hotel offers sports and remedial massage. Tara Hammett is a fully qualified Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer.

What is Sports/Remedial Massage?

A technique that focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue, to release chronic patterns of tension in the body, using various pressures, gliding strokes and kneading movements to manipulate soft tissue.

Who Would Benefit?

You do not have to be involved in sports to benefit. The build up of general muscular stress and tension and postural issues can be treated. Aids the prevention of sports injuries and assists the body to repair and heal after any sustained injuries.

Some Possible Benefits

Improves blood circulation, aids in decongestion of lactic acid and waste products stored in soft tissue. Speeds up healing of stressed or damaged muscles.

What Is Involved?

Massage is carried out while lying on a massage couch. A series of assisted stretching techniques are also incorporated in the treatment to improve flexibility and decrease tension within the muscles.

Side Effects

Although relaxing and soothing, it can be vigorous. Some muscle soreness can occur 24 – 48 hours after treatment.

Is It Right For Me?

There are times when Sports Massage is not suitable:-

  • Body temperature over 100 degrees
  • Feeling unwell or viral infection
  • Acute traumas – muscle, ligament injuries, bruising (pre 72 hours)
  • Open wounds, skin infections, cancer thrombosis
  • Varicose veins (work above area)
  • Hypertension (need clearance from doctor)
  • Diabetes (massage has same effect as exercising)

For further information on sports massage or to book an appointment ( appointments are limited, must be booked a few days in advance and also subject to availability) call The Healthclub Direct on 01792 657111


Make your festive season one to remember and celebrate in style with us here at The Dragon Hotel

If you are looking to book a private function to celebrate the festive season,
contact us on 01792 657100, or email christmas@dragon-hotel.co.uk

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