Your definitive guide to drinking on Wind Street, Swansea


If you’re looking for a lively night out in South Wales then the name Wind Street will probably have popped up quite a few times, and for good reason. More aptly nicknamed by locals and tourists alike as ‘Wine Street’ this 160m stretch holds the majority of the city’s pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants.

It’s this close proximity of varied venues that makes it a fantastic destination for hen dos, stag nights and office parties. No night on Wind Street (for better or worse…) is ever the same.  Here’s what you can expect when you

Looking for something a little more refined? Check out Swansea’s Most Sophisticated Wine Bars:


Yates bar

At the very top of Wind Street you’ll find the popular budget option of Yates. Here you can enjoy a wide range of beers, wines and ciders without breaking the bank. It’s also a fantastic place to enjoy some quality food before heading out for the night, or just to unwind with friends. Yates is the place to be for Live Sports, with one big screen and 10 TVs throughout the venue you’ll have the best seats in the house.



This Australian bar is renowned in Swansea for its “dance ‘til you drop” attitude and creates a legendary night out. During the day it becomes a chilled out utopia, serving a wide range of food and the coldest beers around. If you’re planning a big night out then make sure you get yourself on the VIP package and guest list to make the most of it all.


Whether you’re looking for a party house or just a nice pub to have an intimate dinner with Varsity is a great option for your needs. Located just a short walk down Wine Street from the city centre, Varsity has everything you need for a good night out – comfortable seats, a great selection of drinks and a nice dance floor.

Popworld (previously Reflex)

Fancy a retro night out, bringing the 80s music and moves straight to the dance floor? Of course you do! Popworld is the place to be.

Popworld celebrates all things shiny and happy with a refreshingly unironic, wide-eyed enthusiasm. Bring glitter – and a penchant for cocktails.   With nineties and noughties classics being played til’ the early hours, Reflex is the perfect place for a great night out.

Ice Bar

It may not be a venue carved out of frozen blocks of ice, but Wine Street’s ice bar is by one of the coolest places around. Enjoy a great value night out with 2 four 1 on cocktails and a huge selection of other drinks. The Ice Bar throws many themed nights to make your nights out even more special – check ahead on their Facebook to see what you can expect.

Pitcher & Piano

Probably the most elegant and comfortable bar on Wine Street, the Pitcher and Piano has a great range of both food and drinks. With a lunch menu that starts at £6 it is a very affordable place to grab a bite to eat or have a nice drink. Every weekend there’s great live music on at the venue and a huge selection of fine wines, premium draught and bottled beers as well as a range of cocktails.

Pitcher & Piano

The Bank Statement

Wetherspoons are award winning pubs for both quality and price, and The Bank Statement is no different. You can expect to find everything you would from a normal Wetherspoons – great food, good selection of drinks and a brilliant price – but when the night kicks off the dance floor opens up and club tunes start blaring!

No Sign Wine Bar

Need a perfect place on Wind Street for an office party? The No Sign Wine Bar is the perfect place to go for food and drinks. Unlike most of the other venues on the street that cater to the 20s market, No Sign Bar appeals to the older generation, giving a more mature and sophisticated atmosphere.

No Sign Wine Bar

Idols Bar

This vibrant night club is perfect for throwing a huge party. Found dead in the centre of Wind Street, this bar has different events for almost every night of the week. There are live DJs to be found every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ensure the beats are always on point and the party never hits a low point.

Peppermint Bar

The Peppermint Bar provides an excellent night out with a huge range of cocktails to choose from. Enjoy some of the best drinks on the street with the fantastic atmosphere that the beautifully designed bar provides. If you’re looking for a night out with a difference then check out Peppermint.

Peppermint Bar


Often referred to as Vodka Revs, the Revolution bar specialises in all things to do with vodka – from various different flavours to making elaborate cocktails for you to enjoy. If you head in earlier in the day then you can enjoy some of the best food on the street. When the light goes down this becomes one of the best nightclubs to head to. It is conveniently located at the end of Wind Street – a perfect finishing location for your pub crawl.

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