T’was the night before Monday!

T’was the night before Monday and all through the house,a creature was stirring, and it wasn’t a mouse.

His treat stick was finished and hung up with care, and he hoped that she’d notice and more would appear,

but mummy was nestled all snug in her bed, while visions of Starbucks did dance in her head.

Cwtched in her duvet, alarm stuck on snooze,

she tried to fend off the old Monday blues.

In a house in Bridgend another was waking, and three little children had just started shaking,

A glare from her eyes and a shake of her head, was enough to fill them with horror and dread,

She shouted instructions and gripes from the kitchen,

Oh come on, get moving your bedrooms need blitzen,

So up to the house tops in fear they flew, to tidy and dress and be ready for school.

From a house set in Swansea, another did stir, still half asleep and eyes all a blur,

She sipped on a cuppa and then pulled a face, to the bus stop she legged it at quite a fast pace,

Her thoughts filled with figures and numbers to crunch and dreading the milkshake for breakfast and lunch,

the pressure was on to process the wages, her PC was poorly and loading took ages,

her brow was all furrowed from the effort she made, but proudly announced that we all would be paid!!

So you readers I give you this gift of insight, into the lives of us workers on site,

As we forge ever onward to finish each task, in the shadow of this mighty building we bask, with figures and paperwork bravely we fight, happy Monday to all and to all a goodnight!!