Watch The Dragon’s Tara Hammett on BBC Wales!

We’re delighted to announce that The Dragon Hotel’s specialist fitness guru Tara Hammett is coming back to your TV screens!

Last October, our Tara featured on Is My Job Killing Me? where she mentored six unfit, lethargic DVLA workers who lived largely sedentary, unhealthy lives.

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She convinced them of the benefits of healthy eating, steady exercise and a more healthy lifestyle – resulting in her six subjects losing loads of weight and becoming more motivated than ever before.

…but did the big health kick last?

Some 12 months on, Tara returned to her team to see if they’d kept up with their health kick. The Great Welsh Diet Experiment: One Year On, part of the Live Longer Wales season on BBC Wales, detailed her findings and followed her trying to keep the six workers on the straight and narrow…

The programme is broadcast on BBC Wales at 20:30 but if you’re unlucky enough to be based ‘abroad’, you should be able to watch on Sky channel 952, Virgin Media channel 864 or Freesat channel 964.

You can follow Tara on Twitter @tarahammett – and why not give us a follow while you’re at it @TheDragonHotel.