Tanisha wins Team Member of the Month for August

Forget about the Oscars, Ballon D’Or or the BAFTAs, the winner of this month’s most sought after prize, The Dragon Hotel’s Team member of the Month, goes to Tanisha Williams of the Conference and Banqueting Team. The award goes to Tanisha in recognition of the work she put in recently, not only in our department, but also the shifts she has happily covered in the Housekeeping Department.

We have had a busy month in the Conference Department, where we had the pleasure of hosting the English and Finnish National Under 19’s Ladies Football Teams. Both team were in Wales competing in the UEFA organised tournament, and the conference team were tasked with ensuring all of their dietary requirements were met. So as you can imagine, with 35 hungry members in each squad, with breakfast, lunch and dinner to serve, we were kept on our feet, but with Tanisha’s help, all went well.

As the tournament progressed, both teams did well in their individual groups, gaining the results needed to progress though to the semi final, where by a quirk of the gods, the two teams were drawn to play one another. Having got to know both of the squads quite well during their time in the hotel, the C&B team decided it would be a good idea to go to the semi final and cheer both teams on. We must have looked quiet strange in the crowd cheering for both teams! England won the game, but Finland gained many admirers for their unending determination.

So once again, a massive thank you to Tanisha, from both the C&B, and Housekeeping departments, for ensuring that all went well during the tournament. The only down side to the story is that England were beaten in the final by France!

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