Swansea Sales Shopping – Where to Grab a Bargain in South Wales

Aside from being near areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical interest, thousands of people flock to Swansea for one thing…the shops.

Swansea’s one of the finest shopping areas in South Wales and it’s not an uncommon sight for patrons at the Dragon Hotel to check in laden with more shopping bags than they can carry.

So where is best for shopping in Swansea? Where can you grab a real bargain? Let’s take a look:


The Quadrant Shopping Centre

Perhaps the most well-known of Swansea’s shopping areas, the Quadrant is always an exciting, bustling spot for some retail therapy. Just some of the big-name stores to be found in the Quadrant include Superdry, Debenhams, Schuh, Animal and HMV. However, if you want a true taste of South Wales’ retail culture (and maybe want slightly more bang for your buck) we’d recommend getting out into somewhere a little more authentic. Which leads us on to….

Swansea Market

It’s been a key part of the city centre for over 100 years and today Swansea market is bigger and better than ever. You’ll find plenty of food to buy (you have to try some authentic Welshcakes from here) and also knick-knacks, clothes and home accessories for much less than at the big-brand stores. Expect old-school charm, thick Swansea accents and a huge array of tempting things to buy.

Mumbles Boutiques

They may be a short drive out of Swansea (approximately 15 minutes by car) but if you’re visiting the Mumbles to check out its brilliant beaches then it’s well worth taking a look round the chic shops too. You’ll find plenty of independent outlets selling everything from high-end fashion and home accessories to locally-made food and surf gear. There are also plenty of charming cafes, but that’s for another blog.

Oxford Street

Although it’s not quit as famous as it’s London namesake, Swansea’s Oxford Street is where the majority of sales-mad shoppers head for a deal. Like the Quadrant, there are all the big names to be found like Next, H&M and Marks & Spencer, but if you venture downs the streets off Swansea’s favourite shopping area you’ll find lots of cool boutiques.

We definitely recommend taking a look at Bossy Boutique on Oxford Street for high-end glamour, Attica on Plymouth Street for kooky home accessories and Moustache on Cradock Street for some marvellous menswear. But don’t take our word for it – get lost down the lanes and find out for yourself!

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