Mr and Mrs Events win Team Member of the Month for July!

It was a hard decision to make for this month so it was decided that Gethyn and Ellie from the Events team would be joint winners! photo (2)

Gethyn has been with the hotel for nearly 8 years and he is always willing to help out other departments when needed. In fact, he is affectionately known as Mr IT within the hotel!

Sadly we say goodbye to Ellie this month as she was only here for a 6 month placement but she has fitted in very well within the Events team. Although don’t bother asking her to make tea as it is not one of her strongest points (we think this may have been deliberate so that she didn’t have to make it so often!). Ellie has plans to see the world with her first point of call to test out the après ski so we wish her all the best.

Sadly we have still got to put up with Gethyn but at least he does make a great cup of coffee so I guess he can stay for now!

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