How to Make Your Own Chic Hen Party Invitations



When you’re head hen or Maid of Honour, organising a bachelorette party on a budget can seem a little daunting. But once you get started you’ll realise it’s easier than you think. With an affordable night’s stay at the Dragon Hotel you can have a fun night out in Swansea for less and if you hand make the invites and decorations you’re sure to come in bang on budget.

And to help you out in your craft quest, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite hen party invitation ideas.

How to Make Hen Party Invitations

The easiest invitation theme is to run with the ‘hen’ idea. Print a greyscale picture of a chicken onto white card along with ‘NAME‘s Hen do!’. Fold in half and hand write all the need to know info inside. These invites will cost mere pennies to make and they look quite classy.

‘L’ Plates

A fancy dress staple for hen parties are the ‘L’ plates, which are worn to show that the bride-to-be is a wife in training. So why not keep to modern tradition and celebrate your friend’s last night of freedom with these simple signs.

A pink and white ‘L’ plate theme looks great on invites along with some classic calligraphy. Once you’ve printed the invites, stick them onto pink card and add a little glitter for that special touch.

Tickets Only


If you go to a concert, the theatre or book an activity you will be given a ticket as proof of payment, and to remind you of all the vital details. So why shouldn’t you have one for a party? You can mock up your own hen do tickets quite easily on your home computer, and as they are smaller in size than a regular invite they should be cheaper to print.

Tell All Cocktail

Okay, so this invite idea takes a little more crafting and will require you to be handy with a pair of scissors, but they look fab and are well worth the wait.

Start off by cutting out a cocktail glass shape from card in the colour of your choice. Then fold and fasten it to form a pocket shape with the glass cut out facing forward. On a separate piece of card create a bottle shape – this should be the perfect size to slide into the card pocket.



To decorate the bottle colour in some liquid on the upper half and on the back write the essential information for the party. Slide the bottle into the pocket, neck first, and you are all done.

The idea is that while the bottle is in the pocket the glass will look full, and when you remove the bottle the glass will be empty. And as you do so it will look like you are pouring a glass of the bride-to-be’s favourite cocktail.

(For the original invite DIY guide click here)

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(images: Organise a Hen and Ruby Sohi)