Introducing the NEW Dragon Mini!


Can you believe that I actually agreed to a number plate with the number 13????

The Dragon Hotel Mini was delivered to the hotel on the 1st March so I was very excited to drive home that evening with only 5 miles on the mileage counter.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this new mini does not attract the speeding cameras and police cars on the M4 like the old one did!!!photo (2) (2)

Last week the Mini and I were busy playing the Easter bunny when we delivered Dragon Easter Eggs to companies in and around Swansea.  I thought it was nice to break the engine in slowly before the long journeys up to Derby and Manchester this month to drum business up for the hotel.

So if you see me at the traffic lights in the morning doing my lipstick give me a beep.

Question:- How many people can you fit in a Mini?

Answer:- If it’s a new BMW Mini and those people happen to be very flexible then the answer is 28 (5 if they’re all like me), as confirmed for a new Guiness World Record at Potters Field Park, London in 2012.

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