Health Club Staff Antics

The Dragon Health Club staff have been busy bouncing around the place and we’ve managed to get them still just long enough to tell you what they’ve been up to. Tara has most recently been spotted running around the place with love hearts coming out of her eyes as she’s recently bought a brand new pair of uber bright pink, blue and orange. She even took a photo of her feet after a brutal run up constitution hill.

rob 2012Rob is still in the thick of his iron man training. It’s been an emotional week for Rob as he most recently got kicked in the face and elbowed in the head by two ladies in the swim leg of a triathlon. However, he survived to tell the tale, and still hasn’t lost his good looks.

Andrew has taken on the challenge of jumping off his bike and has entered the Cardiff Half Marathon. Although he is super fit on the bike, after his first run he has been suffering with achy muscles but is ready to take on the Andrew 2012mission in hand but aiming to beat Rob!

James is getting ready to get his head back in the books and will be doing his First Aid course, so we’ll all be in safe hands once he’s passed the course. Sandra has come back to work fully relaxed and refreshed from a 10 day break, however we wonder how long she will feel stress free as Bryony has now gone on holidays and Sandra is running a one woman show in beauty! Nothing like being thrown in the deep end after holidays!!

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