Hangover Cures – 9 Ways Hens Can Recover From the Night Before

So you’re on a hen do. You’ve woken up from the night before. And you don’t feel good.

Many hens call The Dragon Hotel home during a boozy break with the bride-to-be, but it’s fair to say that sometimes for them the morning isn’t quite as enjoyable as the night before.

With so much fun to be had in Swansea, a hen do’s no time to be feeling sour – here are 10 ways to get you feeling ship-shape:

1 – Water, water, water

Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration. And the dehydration is the reason why your head is pounding. So start rehydrating your body with plenty of fresh water. It’s the most obvious, but it’s also the most effective.

2 – Toast

We’re frequently told that carbohydrates are a lady’s worst enemy. But not when you’re struggling with the mother of all hangovers. Carbs provided by toast can get the liver into action and help it to produce precious glucose and get your energy levels back to what they were.

3 – Exercise

Many think that getting your gym kit on and sweating out a hangover is the best way to beat the lurgee, although scientific studies have shown it has a minimal effect. However, what exercise undoubtedly does is release endorphins – making you feel happier and more motivated. So get down to The Dragon’s gym and get your blood rate up!

Hungover cat

4 – Sleep

It’s not recommended for girls on hen dos when there’s so much excitement to be had, but sleep is a great way of riding your boozy illness out. But there is a more attractive low-effort alternative…

5 – Spa

Many girls find that nothing quells a harsh head and a dizzy demeanour like an hour or two in the spa. At The Dragon, we’ve a number of energising spa treatments to help you repair and recover.

6 – Painkillers

If you want a quick fix solution to a banging hangover, then a painkiller could well work. But don’t forget that a paracetamol will only mask the problem temporarily – if you don’t rehydrate yourself or eat anything worthwhile then you’ll feel just as bad in a few hours’ time.

7 – Elaborate collections of vitamins

If you’re one of the Made In Chelsea-watching and Buzzfeed-reading girls, you’ll know that bespoke hangover cures are all the rage with socialites like Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung.  Whether they work or not, we can’t say, but these vitamin-rich superfoods consisting of acai berries, chia seeds and much more do look the business.

8 – Act quick

The longer you lie around and not taking action against your wine-induced illness, the longer it’ll stick around. So rehydrate and get some grub down you.

9 – Prevention is the best cure

If you want to feel a little better the next day, prevention is your best friend. Eat plenty before you start drinking, and intersperse your boozing with the odd pint of water. …but you knew that already, didn’t you?