Pennard Golf Club Review – Your Essential Guide

The latest edition of our Golfing in Swansea series sees us tee off at one of South Wales’ oldest, most esteemed courses, Pennard Golf Club.

Ladies 14th tee to 16LR

Where is Pennard Golf Club?

In the middle of The Mumbles, Pennard is just south of Swansea airport and a 20-minute drive from The Dragon Hotel.

To get there, take the A4067 westwards out of Swansea when it will become the B4436 (Pennard Road).  Follow this road into Pennard, past the primary school and you’ll see signs for the course.

How it Plays Out

Designed by the golfing legend James Braid, Pennard is known in South Wales and beyond as ‘the links in the sky’. Some 200 feet above sea level, it’s still chock full of links-style dunes, humps and hollows – as well as a smattering of wild cows and horses.

These often-hidden hazards mean that blind shots aren’t unheard of – you’ll certainly enjoy your fair share of ups and downs when playing Pennard, both metaphorically and literally.

At 6,329 yards, Pennard isn’t the longest course, but it’s quirky, charmingly rough around the edges and packed with plenty of pretty punches.  The whole course is overlooked by the ruins of the 12th-century Pennard castle and the short par 4 7th with its elevated tee and undulating fairways, coupled with the castle on your right, is a particular highlight.

Other popular Pennard holes include the downhill par-3 5th and the wide, barren 11th with a sensational angled green that tempts you towards a treacherous sand trap.

Best of all however, is the 493-yard ‘Great Tor’ 16th which demands a blind 2nd shot and delicate approach play to reach the clifftop green in good nick. Once you’re there, the green gives some frankly ridiculous views over the surrounding area.

16th tee

Why You’ll love it

As you’d expect from a golf course 200 feet above The Gower, the views at Pennard must been to be believed. Unspoilt, remote and utterly charming, it’s tough not to fall in love with the course’s rugged charm.

If you want a challenge, you’ll love Pennard. Aside from the tricky hazards, naturally uneven bounces and undulating fairways, there’s plenty of wind to contend with too. It is, after all, a couple of hundred feet above sea level.

Pennard also rewards tactical, astute golf play. This quirky golf course isn’t one that rewards the strongest, most consistent driver; at Pennard it’s the thoughtful, experienced golfer that will get the best from the surroundings.

Why You Might Not

There’s no doubt that Pennard’s charm lies in its ragged, rugged unpredictability, but that’s probably its weakness too. Its huge array of holes, bumps and quirks mean that you could play the exact same game twice and come out with wildly fluctuating scores.

Don’t get us wrong – you still need all your wits about you to get a half-decent score, but there will be times when you’ve done all you can and your scorecard will still be littered with bogies. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

Just enjoy the view.

Want a hotel near Pennard Golf Club?

Just 20 minutes’ drive from The Mumbles, the Dragon Hotel is a particular favourite for golfers looking for hotels near Pennard Golf Club.

Speak to our team today about how we can book your group a flexible golfing break package that incorporates all of South Wales’ most sensational courses. Make your booking today – call 01792 657140.

(Images: Pennard Golf Club)