Get Fit and Have Fun With Tara Hammett!

Are you looking to keep fit, enjoy the sunshine and get your beach body ready for the summer?

Of course you are.

The Dragon’s very own health guru Tara Hammett has started her own podcast with Swansea’s favourite independent radio station The Wave

In the podcasts, she covers all sorts of fitness issues with The Wave’s new health-freak breakfast DJ Badger to help you get fit – and enjoy yourself along the way. Some of the things she discusses include:

  • How to lose weight and have fun while you’re doing it
  • How to tell when packaging says food is healthy but it really isn’t
  • How to find time to exercise, even when work’s really busy
  • How to plan a healthy, good value weekly shop
  • How to look great for the summer
  • And much more!

You can download the fitness podcasts on iTunes, at the Google store, or on The Wave’s website today.

Alternatively, you can meet Tara in person by joining our health club where she’s our esteemed, motivational personal trainer. See you down the front!