Cocktails with a Twist for the Perfect Hen Do

Are you heading to Swansea for your friends hen do? Good decision. Wind Street is the perfect location for a night on the tiles to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Enjoy a meal at our Dragon Brassiere and then why not create a few unusual cocktails of your own to get the party started?

Here are a few cocktails with a twist for the perfect hen do (they’re not exactly a black Russian or sex on the beach):

The Flaming Russian

Flaming Russian
If you are looking for something with a real wow factor then what is more impressive than a drink on fire? Pour 2/3 shot of vodka into a glass and carefully layer with 1/3 shot of rum. Ignite the rum and serve. It’s sure to put a fire in your belly.

Popping Candy Cocktails

Surprise your bride-to-be friend and add a little pop to proceedings with a secret ingredient to the hen do cocktails – popping candy! Mix raspberry vodka with pineapple or cranberry juice and the delicious sweets for a hen do cocktail that is sure to impress.

candyflosscocktailCandyfloss Cocktails

Pink and sweet this cocktail is a great drink for a girly night out. Stock up on Grey Goose vodka and cranberry juice and pour this mix over a handful of the sweat treat in a martini glass. It’s that easy! They’re cheap to make and they taste amazing!

The Prosciutto Melon Cocktail

Prosciutto and melon are delicious together so why not combine them to make an unusual cocktail? A savoury cocktail will make a great break from sweet beverages and who else can say they’ve drunk a ham cocktail?

This cocktail will take some prep beforehand so start it off at home before you travel. Infuse some grappa with honeydew melon for between 2 weeks and a month prior to the hen do. On the night shake the grappa over some ice and then poor into some glasses. Finally wrap a melon ball in prosciutto and spear with a toothpick and add to each cocktail.

Chocolate Truffle Martini

Every girl loves chocolate right? Then what could be more indulgent than a chocolate truffle martini? This cocktail is a combination of shaved truffle, vodka, cream, syrup and chocolate liqueur. And we think this impressive drink would go perfectly with our pistachio crème brûlée with chocolate shortbread. Yum!

The Aurora

The aurora borealis is one of the most amazing natural light shows you will ever see and this cocktail takes its inspiration from this marvel. We’ve had cocktails on fire and ones that pop in your mouth but this one is even better – it glows in the dark!

Okay, confession time. You will need a black light to see the effects of this drink but it is well worth it. Mix gin or vodka with tonic water and pink lemonade concentrate before quickly switching to the black light.

Huddle around and watch the liquids glow and swirl around in the glass in bright pink and blue shades for your very own personal light show. It’s awe inspiring!

Do you know any unusual cocktail recipes that would be perfect for a signature hen do drink? Then tweet us the recipe. We hope it’s delish!


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(image: Marnie Joyce under CC BY-SA 2.0 and Wicker Paradise under CC BY 2.0)