Chef Steve is awarded March’s Team Member of the Month

Like an artist with blank canvas, he creates a masterpiece
His goal – to provide his guests with an unforgettable feast
With skilful hands and talent, he makes light work of it
Chopping, mixing and stirring until all the pieces fit
With pride he serves each dinner, inspecting each fine detail
It must look flawless in his eyes if he is not to fail
His reward is smiling faces, empty plates with nothing left
No higher compliment can be paid to
the Artist – the Master – the Chef!

It is will great pride and pleasure that we announce the Team Member of the Month is our very talented, modest, creative, lovable, handsome Chef Steve! (The list could go on but he only paid a fiver!)

 Since taking over the reins as Head Chef, Steve has continued without fail to provide the most delicious dishes served to the highest standards!

 Congratulations Chef!!