A Brand New Team for Your Brand New Health Club!

We’ve all got ants in our pants in the health club as we’re closing for one week for a complete facelift and change.

The club is having a revamp and so are the team!

Tara, our Health Club Manager, is stepping down from the role and staying with us as Personal Trainer and Health Club Sales Manager.

Andy is stepping up as manager, Louise is stepping up as Deputy Manager and Tom has left to be replaced by Tom (Nice and easy to remember the name)

Wait – there’s more!

We’re excited to welcome Ceri to the team who is coming to us from The Dragon Brasserie and we still have Ashleigh and Bryony

So if you see some brightly coloured trainers running around the Swansea area a little more than normal – that’s our team putting their clients through their paces outdoors whilst the club is locked and having a bit of a DIY SOS moment.

We’re opening back up on Saturday 3rd May and would love to see you at our brand new club with our brand new team!