Admin & Accounts – The Squeakquel!

Accounts & Admin Part 2…….

 Well hasn’t the past 5 weeks just flown by?  We have all been very busy down in our little dungeon under the hotel where we are holed up like the Witches in Hamlet…..dancing around the ever bubbling cauldron we have Head witch Helen, who with a flick of a pen here and wave of her trusty calculator there keeps the accounts department running…ably assisted by fellow crone Kelly 1 who has finally taken all of her exams and will hopefully be a fully fledged Accounting genius by the time we reach part 3! Dancing and prancing around whilst churning out meeting minutes and other administrative wonders is Kelly 2….who is still waiting for Tom Cruise to call and ask her to be his leading lady….(Love potion next on the agenda)

 “What of NormanNorman_0129 (2)” I hear you ask…Helens trusty, fluffy friend.  Well since the last instalment he has gone up in the world and after speaking to his bank manager was able to invest in a new house, much bigger than his previous residence with a window and a door!  He is currently receiving therapy because of abandonment issues following the revelation that his much loved owner (Helen) is going on holiday without him!!! (all together now- “Oooooooh”)  We wish him all the very best with his recovery.

 We are very happy to announce that Hazel, our fellow Accounts Assistant extraordinaire will be returning to us next week following a ‘spell’ away on Maternity Leave (did you see what I did there?) and we shall we very glad to have her back.  Her little boy Killian is adorable and is a well loved baby brother for Kacey her daughter.  Welcome back Hazel!

 Well until the next time avid readers….will Norman ever recover…..will Helen get a tan…..will Kelly 1 pass her exams and will Hazel remember how to make coffee?!!! Tense music…end scene.