Admin & Accounts – Dragon Dramas cont….

Mellow greetings to all you avid blog readers from the 4 musketeers of the admin and accounts office!! One for all and all for one is our motto – well when there’s starbucks involved it is!

Let us update you on the exciting news and dramatic occurances that have occured in our lives since our last installment.

Helen (Accounts Manager)  – Following the decision to have a new kitchen instead of a holiday this year, Helen has been a nervous wreck…..her caffine intake has trippled and we think perhaps so has upped her gin dosage!! (For nerves of course) It will all be worth it in the end Helen and we look forward to the grand unveiling..That said she has spent the last 4 weeks having her washing done and being fed by friends and relatives so we think she may be dragging it out on purpose!!

Kelly one – I must apologise for forgetting to mention that Kelly passed her exams! (There Kell I have done it now).  Kelly had a very exciting lead up to her sister’s wedding in which she was a bridesmaid and having seen the photos she scrubs up well!  She is now waiting for the birth of her nephew which should be any day now.

Hazel has been busy with her beautiful children and birthday parties and losing at the rugby (Hazel is an irish lass).

Then there’s me (Kelly 2)! I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for a NODA (National operatic and Dramatic Association) award for my portrayal of Adelaide in Guys and Dolls last year which I am very excited and shocked about…new frock to buy ready for the awards in June..I will let you know how it goes!

Well that’s our news for this month, we will keep you updated on all the exciting adventures we have.

Kelly 2, Kelly 1, Hazel and Helen.xx