A day in the life of Hazel – Accounts Assistant Extraordinaire!!

‘Step into my shoes’ she says, ‘and live a day like mine,

I’ll guarantee that by the end you’ll need a glass of wine!!

For all my days are filled with chores that no one else can do –

Well, yes they can but the point is this: I just don’t trust them to!!’


Everyday she lays out the clothes the children are to wear,

And makes sure Mark is up to speed on how to do their hair.

Woe be tide if he should fail, the consequences great,

And nervously he wrings his hands and waits to learn his fate.


Off she trots to work to chase up payments with great pleasure,

No debtor stone remains unturned; with her they’ve met their measure.

With Irish lilt she lays the law, her tone causes a sweat,

For they all fear her wrath if payment terms have not been met!


So here it is in black and white: she truly is a wonder

She captains home and work alike, and leaves no room for blunder,

Pay heed all readers: leave no room for excuses or mistakes,

Lest you shall feel the sharp edge of the tongue of Hazel Lakes!!