6 Reasons the Gym is Best for Travelling Businessmen

The Dragons Health & Leisure Facilities

The gym is becoming the new boardroom. And for businessmen who travel, it’s an essential part of 21st century life. Here are 6 reasons why.

1 – It’s where you get healthy

First things first, the gym is where you go to get healthy. We don’t just mean firm pectorals, strong legs and an enviable six pack – nice though they are – but a strong brain and good decision making skills. That’s essential for any ambitious employee.

2 – It’s where you get productive

You can never have too much productivity and creativity in your life. And doing the same thing breeds the same results, over and over again. If you’re stuck in a rut and want to improve your output at work, get down the gym! Working your body hard in the gym gives you more energy and can boost creativity.

3 – It’s where you can get fit for free

Let’s face it, many travelling businessmen travel with the hallowed company card. For their night away with work, the company pays for everything – within reason, of course. And at The Dragon Hotel, our business rooms include free use of health facilities and the gym for all guests, so it makes sense to get yourself down the gym and work out while it costs you nothing at all.

4 – It’s where you can hone those abs

OK, it’s time to be superficial. If you’re on the road with business, that means you’re probably in the practice of impressing people. And people, whether you like it or not, are more likely to be swayed by someone who looks good. Healthy, well turned-out businessmen will make an impression – so you owe it to your commission fees to make the most of hotel health facilities when they’re available!

5 – It’s where new clients and connections are

Want to grow your business? Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re in a professional dead end? Get yourself down the gym. If you want to see your friends, and make new ones, you should get yourself down the gym. Sure, you can also fraternise at the footy, down the pub or even over dinner, but the gym’s where you can meet a wide variety of connections.

Sure, at the gym there’s no place for overtly-aggressive self-promotion and marketing (not many people will accept a business card on a bench press after all). But at some gyms such as ours, where we’ve a heavy contingent of travelling businessmen, you’d be surprised at the potentially-influential people you could meet.

6 – It’s where you de-stress

There’s no denying that travelling around for business can be sometimes be a stressful process – particularly if you’re somewhere unfamiliar. Getting on the bike or pumping some iron is the perfect remedy for a worrisome business life as exercise increases your brain’s production of the stress-busting chemical norepinephrine.

Every guest at The Dragon Hotel enjoys access to our unrivalled health, leisure club and gym – one of the finest in Swansea. Find out more about our Swansea gym and leisure facilities today.