4 Gym Techniques to Improve Your Golf Swing

Ravielli swing

Every golfer wants better technique. Every golfer wants to improve their swing.

But golf is a game of strength and suppleness as it is skill. Want to perfect your golf swing?

You could do so before you next step foot onto the golf course. You just need to get down the gym.

Here are 4 gym techniques to improve your game:

Medicinal Dumbbell Chest Press

What it does

The dumbbell chest press is perfect for working your triceps, chest muscles and shoulders – giving you more swing power at the tees. Although many choose to press off a stationary bench, doing so off a medicinal ball will also improve your balance and increase flexibility.

How to do it

Lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, your elbows at 90 degrees and the dumbbell over your elbows. Push the weights up to extend your arms but don’t lock your elbows and then bring them back down.

Aim for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Standing Twists

What it does

While performing chest presses is essential for building your front, if you’re not doing equal work to your back muscles, you could develop an imbalance and make your swing overtly tight. Standing twists strengthen your trapezius, rhomboid muscles and other core muscles around the neck and upper back.

How to do it

Stand loosely with a bar behind your neck and your hands securely holding the bar down. Keep your feet no wider than your shoulders.

Rotate your upper body and shoulders 90 degrees from one side to the while keeping your pelvis stationary, staring straight ahead and remaining at the 90 degree position for a moment. It’s can also very helpful to do this exercise before a round of golf to warm up those essential muscles.

Single-leg Leg Press

What it does

Great golfing technique doesn’t begin and end with the arms. One of the best ways to improve lower body strength and the control and stability in your lower limbs is through leg presses. These exercises really give your glutes and quads a big boost and improve your chances of developing a flexible, powerful rotation when swinging. And the best way to make both of your legs as strong as possible is to work them both separately.

How to do it

Sit on a leg press machine and put both of your feet on the leg press platform while gripping the hand attachments on the side of the machine. Then take one leg off the press and place fully on the floor.

Begin the lift – bend the knee until you reach a 90 degree angle and then push through your heel to full extension.

Rotating Dumbbell Row golf swing logo

What it does

Getting more power from a drive is very important, but it’s useless without the right control. If you can’t control your technique in the final moments of a swing then you’ll find yourself making more mistakes, affecting your confidence.

Because your abdomen and thorax should be moving before your hands do, you need strength and control in that area. This rotating dumbbell row is a great gym exercise to give greater control.

How to do it

Stand with two dumbbells with your knees slightly bent and your legs at shoulder width apart. Then bend forward at your waist to let them sit in front of your thighs. Then bring your arms up and down conversely toward your rib cage

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