13 Reasons We Love Nev from the Call Centre

We won’t need to tell you that we’re huge fans of the BBC Three program The Call Centre, which has just finished its second series. Principally, we love its protagonist, the self-made millionaire Neville Wilshere – or as his loyal workmates call him, Nev.

Here are 13 reasons to salute the big man:

1 – He’s a proud Swansea boy

Like us, Nev loves this fair city. Born and bred in South Wales, he worked his way up and now employs hundreds in his famous call centre. That makes him alright by us.

2 – He’s unconventional

Nev takes an irregular approach to HR. When a member of team wanted a promotion, he said he could… as long as he beat Nev in an armwrestle. Did he win? Take a look at the video:

3 – He’s a trier

Nev may be in charge of a multi-million pound business, but he knows what it’s like to lose it all. In the 90s, he divorced and his business went under. Unable to see his kids for 6 months, Nev couldn’t even sign on to unemployment benefits.

Nevertheless, he got back up, started again and look where he is now.

4 – He’s not averse to being a bit of a prat

Nev Call Centre Gif

5 – He’s funny on Twitter


6 – He’s not averse to Dad jokes

Midway through the first season, Nev was in his car giving the film crew one of his trademark pearls of wisdom when he was interrupted by an onrushing ambulance:

“He’ll never sell any ice creams going at that speed”.

There’s no joke like a Dad joke.

7 – He’s positive to a T

As with many successful entrpreneurs, Nev is relentlessly chipper – optimistic until the very end and insisting that “happy people sell”. And that’s a good way to be.

8 – He’s created a great workplace

Nev’s Save Britain Money Group is currently fifth in the Sunday Times list of the best UK companies to work for. Impressive.

9 – He’s got an excellent approach to dating

Nev believes in “SW,SW,SW? N! – some will, some won’t, so what? Next!” It’s tough to argue with that.

10 – He’s a singer

Like any good South Wales boy, Nev loves a sing song and is well aware of the power of music.

11 – He’s a shouter

But in a good way.

12 – He finds a place for staff who don’t fit

Many bosses are unsympathetic to staff who don’t cut the mustard. Not Nev.

When members of his team aren’t up to the job, he tries to find them a suitable role somewhere else in the company – like when he gave Hayley Pearce a new lease of life as the office ‘tea lady’.

13 – He’s cool under pressure

And doesn’t get flustered when he’s ambushed on the BBC!

Yeah, it’s fair to say that Nev is a bit of a Swansea institution. But you know what?

So are we. We’ve been standing proud in Swansea City Centre for over 50 years. Make the most of our fair city by checking out more of our blog today.

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