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European Boulevard – a step closer

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Thousands of motorists will soon have a smoother drive in and out of Swansea every day.

As part of the boulevard scheme, the stretch of Quay Parade and Victoria Road between The Strand and Albert Row is being resurfaced.

The resurfacing works, due to start, weather depending, on Monday March 3, will last for up to three weeks.

The works, being undertaken at night to minimise disruption to motorists, will require carriageway closures between the river bridges and West Way. Works will be undertaken separately on the eastbound and westbound carriageways, ensuring that one carriageway is always open.

Whilst the closures are in place for the carriageway resurfacing, some works on the central reserve between the Strand and New Cut Road will also be undertaken in preparation for the next phase of the boulevard project.

Well-signed diversions for traffic will be in place via New Cut Road, Bridge Street, Dyfatty Street, Alexandra Road, De La Beche Street, Christina Street, Dilwyn Street and West Way while the westbound carriageway is closed. The reverse route will be in place while the eastbound carriageway is closed.

Access to Sainsbury’s, the Maritime Quarter and businesses including the LC will be maintained throughout the works.

A Swansea Council spokesperson said: “The resurfacing works are a vital part of the boulevard project, but they’ll need entire carriageway closures to take place. We’ll be undertaking these works at night to minimise disruption to motorists and will do all we can to keep residents and businesses informed.

“We’re starting to make tangible progress on site and are still on schedule to finish the overall scheme by the early autumn. Once complete, the boulevard project will benefit motorists, businesses and pedestrians by greatly improving the look of a major city centre gateway and encouraging more people to pass between the seafront and the city centre.”

Work will also take place at the same time but during the day to upgrade Somerset Place. These works will include widening the western footway and planting new trees to improve the link between the bottom of Wind Street and the Sail Bridge. A temporary, one-way system will be in place in the Maritime Quarter throughout the scheme and local residents and businesses are being kept informed.

The boulevard project, which stretches from Princess Way to the River Tawe bridges, is funded by the Welsh Government’s Regeneration Area programme, the European Regional Development Fund and Swansea Council. The completed scheme will include 80 new trees, wider pavements and the introduction of improved crossing points at key locations.

Have a look at or call 01792 635705 for more information.

Elijah Wood Poses With Staff After Staying at The Dragon Hotel

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Elijah Wood @ The DragonHere at The Dragon Hotel, we’ve been keeping our very own hobbit-sized secret over the last few weeks.

Elijah Wood – star of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy – has been staying at The Dragon Hotel while filming his latest movie in Swansea.

Elijah has been shooting Set Fire To The Stars, a new film that takes a look at the legendary Swansea poet Dylan Thomas (played by Anglesey actor Celyn Jones) and his fractious relationship with his tour agent and fellow poet John Malcolm Brinnin, played by Wood).

Although it’s set in early-50s America and tells of Thomas’ publicity visits to the US, the film has been completely shot in the Welsh poet’s native South Wales. Filming has been mostly in Swansea but also around the Gower and it is directed by Downton Abbey and Doctor Who director Andy Goddard. Gruff Rhys, frontman of Welsh band Super Furry Animals will also be composing the score for the movie.

Zoe Holland, who works in our Food and Beverage department, is a big Elijah fan – and ended up a little tongue tied when she first brought room service up to the star’s room. She said:

“Once I realised how nice he is in real life, it became easier to not be so star struck!

“You can imagine how excited I was when I was offered to go along to a shooting of a scene from the film in Pier Street, one of the older parts of Swansea.

“When I got there, I thought I had been transported back in time! All of the cars being used for the shoot were completely different from cars that we drive today, and they had a snow machine, which brought a magical feel to the occasion. It was so exciting to see the cameramen going about their work, and the actors being so natural in the roles that they were employed to do. It was an experience I shall never forget, and I would like to thank the film crew for being so accommodating.

“After the shoot had finished, I was asked if I wanted to go for a drink with the crew, but as I had work the next day, I declined their offer with thanks. I headed home for a good night sleep, with dreams of Elijah fresh in my mind!”

We’d just like to thank Elijah for choosing The Dragon Hotel and for being the perfect guest! The pleasure was all ours.

Set Fire To The Stars is out later on in 2014 – we can’t wait to see it!

Paint the Town Red (White and Green) this St David’s Day!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


The Dragon Hotel, situated in the heart of Swansea city, is proud to be Welsh. This year, to celebrate St David’s Day, we’re showing our patriotism by inviting you to celebrate our great nation in style.

Join the hotel for a 3 course St David’s Day Lunch a full day early on Friday 28th February, with a creative selection of well thought-out Welsh menu dishes.DSC_1022

It’s not only Welsh fare and Tomos Watkin’s ‘Dewi Sant Ale’ that’s on offer on Friday. The Wales Tartan Centres, also situated at the heart of Swansea city, has joined forces with Swansea’s premier hotel to offer a unique twist to the celebrations. Staff members will be happy to proudly wear  the Centre’s traditional Welsh tartan whilst looking after diners during the celebrations.

Tony Collins at Wales Tartan Centre, said: “St David’s Day is a great way of expressing how patriotic we are and we’re really pleased to be asked to dress up some of the men at The Dragon Hotel for the day. The St David’s Tartan Kilts always get a great reception and I am sure the customers at the hotel will love the effect and get involved with the fun on the day”.

Tony joked: “We hope it becomes part of the staff uniform eventually, so even more customers get to see the boys knees!”

DSC_1026Along with the Welsh dress, a Welsh themed mouth–watering lunch menu has been created to whet the appetites of diners and add to the overall experience for those celebrating on St David’s Day.

“The menu has been designed to capture the true spirit of Welsh cuisine”, says Head Chef Steve Williams “and includes items like Bacon, Leek & Lava Bread Risotto, and Grilled Loin of Pork with Leek Mashed Potato.

The meal will also include a complimentary taste of Tomos Watkin’s ‘Dewi Sant Ale’, just the tonic to kick start St David’s Day celebrations!

Dawn George Sales Manager at the Tomos Watkin Brewery said: “We strive to work in partnership with businesses such as The Dragon Hotel to promote Wales & the finest things that this small but proud nation has to offer.

“Our determination to become an iconic Welsh Brand drives our core statement to support, encourage and help develop the Welsh economy and increase the profile of ‘Brand Wales’ around the world. Saint Davids’ day is of special importance to us, so we are proud to brew a unique ale to celebrate our patron saint- Dewi Sant ale – Iechyd Da!”14-_MG_4760

“Working alongside suppliers as passionate about Wales as us is always a pleasure and clearly St David’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do so” said Cath Garcia, General Manager at The Dragon Hotel. “I would like to see the day celebrated as enthusiastically as St Patrick’s Day and as long as we keep in mind St David’s message of ‘remembering the small things’ the day is certain to be a success – one I would hope to see emulated throughout the city and indeed Wales, in years to come.”

St David’s Day Lunch will be held a day early at The Dragon Hotel, between 12:00pm – 2:30pm on Friday 28th February 2014 and the 3 course meal is priced at only £19.95 per person – reservations are still available but prompt action is required to avoid disappointment!

We’d love to celebrate St David’s Day with you – call 01792 657100 to book your place.

Eight Oddest Things Left Behind at The Dragon Hotel

Friday, February 14th, 2014

How often have you left things behind after staying in a hotel? There are some things that are very commonly left behind, such as mobile phone chargers and odd bits of makeup. But we’re not here to talk to you about ordinary things left at the Dragon Hotel, oh no!

Here are some of the strangest items our housekeepers have come across:

Pat Sharp wig

Quite why anybody would want to wear a wig that looks exactly like Pat Sharp’s mullet is beyond us, but how they could possibly leave it behind is even more of a mystery. Feeling quite sorry for the abandoned hair, we adopted it and even forced a hen to wear it on her hen weekend to Nice!

Blow up dolls

The amount of inflatable sex toys and genitalia we come across is rather shocking, but then we do cater to a lot of hen parties and stag nights! Opening the wardrobe to be pounced on by a blow up doll is not uncommon in a normal day of housekeeping.

inflatable sheep ©

Blow up sheep

Ah yes, the old you’re Welsh you must love sheep joke. We aren’t surprised at all that this was left behind, nobody wants to go home hungover with a sheep under their arm. Don’t worry, it’s in good hands now!

One shoe

This one really upset us. Such a beautiful shoe and now the pair is ruined. We’re hoping that whoever left this lonely shoe behind had another pair and didn’t just hobble out the door with one shoe on.

Feather dusters

We’re still not entirely sure whether people with obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder are staying in our hotels or if it’s just hens who want a bit of slap and tickle. These are probably one of our most common left-behind hen party items, we’re thinking about creating a museum dedicated to them!

Fancy dress costumes

From cave girls to Prince Philip and the Queen, we’ve had it all. Dozens of fancy dress costumes get left behind every year, with such a range of varieties and sizes. It is always fun to go into a room to clean and find half a dinosaur spread out and abandoned on the floor.

girls in fancy dress ©

Robin (sans Batman)

This has been our all-time favourite costume that was left behind. Either somebody decided to go out on their own to fight crime, or Batman cut and run forcing Robin to make a hasty, no-time-for-clothes escape. More than likely though, this was just someone from a stag do with a head too sore to think straight the morning after.

A giant box

How it got there, we don’t know. What it was for, we don’t know. What did we do with it? One of our housekeeping pranksters climbed in and hid in the box then jumped out and gave the other housekeepers a real fright!

We try our best to reunite our customers with their lost belongings, so if you find that you’ve left anything behind then give us a ring and we’ll rummage around in our lost property box for you.

The Five Best Walks in South Wales for Stunning Scenery

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Wales is well known for several things: male voice choirs, an extreme love of rugby and having some of the most fantastic, unspoiled scenery to be found anywhere in the UK. Normally the best walks are kept relatively secret in order to stop a huge influx of tourists flocking there and spoiling the countryside. But here are five of the best walks you can go on across South Wales, unveiled:

Rhosilli Bay © Rhosilli Bay, Swansea

Despite being a short drive away from Swansea’s bustling city centre, Rhosilli Bay is still one of the local’s best kept secrets. With its sandy shores, beautiful cliff faces and miles of miles of rolling countryside it’s no wonder Rhosilli is such a firm favourite with ramblers across the UK. The walk itself is roughly 5 miles long and is a circular route, so you can go round as many times as you want. Some of the views you get include the Worms Head and Burry Holmes tidal islands and an astounding 360-degree view of the Gower.

Penbryn Beach ©

#2 Penbryn Beach, Ceredigion

The best walk in Ceredigion is Penbryn Beach which may not be a long one, at around 1 ¾ miles, but it is second to none for views. Due to its rural location, Penbryn makes an excellent spot for star gazing, with clear nights offering fantastic views of millions of stars and even a glimpse of the Milky Way. Nature lovers will be excited by the variety of bats that come out around Penbryn Beach at night or the birds that flock to its shores during the day.

Pen y Fan ©

#3 Pen y Fan Horseshoe, Brecon Beacons

If it’s a challenge you’re after then why not tackle the Pen y Fan Horseshoe? The ascension for Pen y Fan is more than enough for some people, but the Horseshoe walk takes you over three other peaks – Corn Du, Cribyn and Fan y Big, a challenge for even the most experienced of ramblers. While the climb may be a real slog, the views you get at the end of it are more than worth it – on a really clear day you can see all the way to Mumbles, 40 miles away!




Cwmdown © Forest Drive, Cwmcarn

Another one of Wales’ best kept secrets is Cwmcarn Forest Drive – only a 20 minute drive away from Cardiff and you find yourself in a whole new set of surroundings. With a fantastic panoramic view of Cardiff, Newport and, on a good day, the English Coast this is one of the most beautiful locations in South Wales. The walk to the top can be quite strenuous, but the view is phenomenal and more than makes up for the graft.




Coastal Path © Coastal Path, Pembrokeshire

One of the longest purpose made walking trails in the UK. You can follow the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path 299km through some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. Of course, you don’t have to do the whole thing! There are many stopping and starting points all along the trail, allowing you to customise the length and difficulty of your walks based on your abilities and time constraints.


If you’re walking around Swansea then why not make the trip more enjoyable and stay in the luxurious Dragon Hotel? After a hard day’s walking you can relax in our spa, enjoy a delicious dinner and then rest your weary head on our extremely comfortable pillows.

Hangover Cures – 9 Ways Hens Can Recover From the Night Before

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

So you’re on a hen do. You’ve woken up from the night before. And you don’t feel good.

Many hens call The Dragon Hotel home during a boozy break with the bride-to-be, but it’s fair to say that sometimes for them the morning isn’t quite as enjoyable as the night before.

With so much fun to be had in Swansea, a hen do’s no time to be feeling sour – here are 10 ways to get you feeling ship-shape:

1 – Water, water, water

Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration. And the dehydration is the reason why your head is pounding. So start rehydrating your body with plenty of fresh water. It’s the most obvious, but it’s also the most effective.

2 – Toast

We’re frequently told that carbohydrates are a lady’s worst enemy. But not when you’re struggling with the mother of all hangovers. Carbs provided by toast can get the liver into action and help it to produce precious glucose and get your energy levels back to what they were.

3 – Exercise

Many think that getting your gym kit on and sweating out a hangover is the best way to beat the lurgee, although scientific studies have shown it has a minimal effect. However, what exercise undoubtedly does is release endorphins – making you feel happier and more motivated. So get down to The Dragon’s gym and get your blood rate up!

Hungover cat

4 – Sleep

It’s not recommended for girls on hen dos when there’s so much excitement to be had, but sleep is a great way of riding your boozy illness out. But there is a more attractive low-effort alternative…

5 – Spa

Many girls find that nothing quells a harsh head and a dizzy demeanour like an hour or two in the spa. At The Dragon, we’ve a number of energising spa treatments to help you repair and recover.

6 – Painkillers

If you want a quick fix solution to a banging hangover, then a painkiller could well work. But don’t forget that a paracetamol will only mask the problem temporarily – if you don’t rehydrate yourself or eat anything worthwhile then you’ll feel just as bad in a few hours’ time.

7 – Elaborate collections of vitamins

If you’re one of the Made In Chelsea-watching and Buzzfeed-reading girls, you’ll know that bespoke hangover cures are all the rage with socialites like Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung.  Whether they work or not, we can’t say, but these vitamin-rich superfoods consisting of acai berries, chia seeds and much more do look the business.

8 – Act quick

The longer you lie around and not taking action against your wine-induced illness, the longer it’ll stick around. So rehydrate and get some grub down you.

9 – Prevention is the best cure

If you want to feel a little better the next day, prevention is your best friend. Eat plenty before you start drinking, and intersperse your boozing with the odd pint of water. …but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Golfing in Swansea… Langland Bay Golf Club | The Dragon Hotel

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Langland Bay.1

The latest in our Golfing in Swansea series sees us take a look at one of the local area’s most popular courses (and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ favourite), Langland Golf Club:

Where is Langland Bay Golf Club?

Found just the other side of The Mumbles to Swansea, Langland is a 20-minute coastal drive from the Dragon Hotel in central Swansea – perfect for sunny days. Take the A4067 to The Mumbles then turn right onto the B4593 and latterly Langland Bay Road and you’ll arrive at your golfing destination.

How it Plays Out

Golfers have been teeing off at Langland Bay for over 100 years and to this day it’s not lacking in olde worlde charm. At 6,026 yards, it’s not a long course by any stretch but it’s not lacking in7284 Flag_Medium tricky hazards – here you’ll find plenty of bunkers, water traps and speedy greens which combine with the coastal wind to make your round a tough one.

However, that’s not to say that Langland Bay can only do diminutive holes. Although you might choose to leave your driver in your bag on some holes such as the 3rd and 4th, the par-4 5th is 360 yards long and needs a good solid drive for any chance of birdying.

Highlights at Langland Bay include the 453-yard par 4 7th where only the most confident golfers will avoid a bogie and the 16th which is as unforgiving a par 3 as you can get. The 16th consists of a short drive over gorse but if you miss the steeply-sloped, postage stamp-sized green you’re in big trouble.

Why You’ll Love it

If you’re one of those that prefers deft, controlled golf and cultured green play, you’ll love Langland. Because it’s shorter than most you won’t get bored driving down endless fairways – although there’s no denying that its many hazards and difficult pin positions do make it a real challenge.

As well as being diligently maintained all year round, the course is sandwiched between Langland and Caswell Bay and so provides some of the finest panoramic views in the UK, never mind Wales. On 15 of the 18 holes you’ll get a glimpse of the stunning Gower coast. Plus, if you’re somewhat hot after a sweaty round you can always cool off in the sea.

The 7th holeWhy You Might Not

As we’ve hinted at, Langland Bay is built for thinking-man’s golf and might not be your favourite if you like nothing more than driving down endless fairways.

What’s more, because it has 18 holes packed quite cosily into a tight space, there are a couple of instances when some holes cross each other (a pet peeve for some golfers) and you have to deal with some stray balls and align yourself with others playing on the course.

Want a hotel near Langland Bay Golf Club?

Situated just 20 minutes from the Gower, The Dragon Hotel is one of the favourite destinations for golfers and one of the best hotels near Langland Bay Golf Club. With exclusive rates and special packages available, our golf team can ensure your break costs less.

WINTER GOLF SPECIAL: Enjoy 2 nights’ bed & breakfast at The Dragon Hotel and rounds at two South Wales’ golf courses (including Langland Bay) for just £132.50pp*. Keen? Find out more today!

*Terms & conditions apply


Swansea Sales Shopping – Where to Grab a Bargain in South Wales

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Aside from being near areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical interest, thousands of people flock to Swansea for one thing…the shops.

Swansea’s one of the finest shopping areas in South Wales and it’s not an uncommon sight for patrons at the Dragon Hotel to check in laden with more shopping bags than they can carry.

So where is best for shopping in Swansea? Where can you grab a real bargain? Let’s take a look:


The Quadrant Shopping Centre

Perhaps the most well-known of Swansea’s shopping areas, the Quadrant is always an exciting, bustling spot for some retail therapy. Just some of the big-name stores to be found in the Quadrant include Superdry, Debenhams, Schuh, Animal and HMV. However, if you want a true taste of South Wales’ retail culture (and maybe want slightly more bang for your buck) we’d recommend getting out into somewhere a little more authentic. Which leads us on to….

Swansea Market

It’s been a key part of the city centre for over 100 years and today Swansea market is bigger and better than ever. You’ll find plenty of food to buy (you have to try some authentic Welshcakes from here) and also knick-knacks, clothes and home accessories for much less than at the big-brand stores. Expect old-school charm, thick Swansea accents and a huge array of tempting things to buy.

Mumbles Boutiques

They may be a short drive out of Swansea (approximately 15 minutes by car) but if you’re visiting the Mumbles to check out its brilliant beaches then it’s well worth taking a look round the chic shops too. You’ll find plenty of independent outlets selling everything from high-end fashion and home accessories to locally-made food and surf gear. There are also plenty of charming cafes, but that’s for another blog.

Oxford Street

Although it’s not quit as famous as it’s London namesake, Swansea’s Oxford Street is where the majority of sales-mad shoppers head for a deal. Like the Quadrant, there are all the big names to be found like Next, H&M and Marks & Spencer, but if you venture downs the streets off Swansea’s favourite shopping area you’ll find lots of cool boutiques.

We definitely recommend taking a look at Bossy Boutique on Oxford Street for high-end glamour, Attica on Plymouth Street for kooky home accessories and Moustache on Cradock Street for some marvellous menswear. But don’t take our word for it – get lost down the lanes and find out for yourself!

After a hard day’s shopping, there’s nothing quite relaxing in style. And there’s nowhere quite as classy and comfortable as the Dragon Hotel. Get great advanced rates by booking your stay online today.

Are you Celebrating National Yorkshire Pudding Day?

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

It’s a kitchen blog! Yes that right, us chefs at The Dragon Hotel also know how to use computers as well as cook fantastic food. Did you know that February 2nd is National Yorkshire Pudding Day? With that in mind, how could we pass up that opportunity to tell you a little about Yorkshire Puddings and of course give you our recipe?!

Yorkshire Pudding

The History of the Humble Yorkshire Pudding

The Yorkshire Pudding was traditionally made in a large tin, rather than the individual puddings that we are familiar with today. In the old days, Yorkshire Puddings were eaten as a separate course before the main meal. Folklore tells us that this was a trick used by Mums to fill-up the family so she could serve less meat – the expensive part of the meal.
The traditional way of eating these plump delightful delicacies is with roast beef but I like to eat them with any roast meat: chicken, turkey, pork or even on their own with a bowl of nice thick gravy.

A 2008 ruling by the Royal Society of Chemistry has it that “A Yorkshire Pudding isn’t a Yorkshire Pudding if it is less than four inches tall”. Well, we’re happy to announce that ours measure a whopping 4 and a half inches. Yay!

How to Make the Perfect Yorkshire Pudding

Now for the part you have been waiting for. The recipe! Its so simple you won’t believe it
You need equal amounts of eggs, plain flour and milk. Mix all the ingredients together and leave to sit in the fridge overnight.


  • Pre heat the oven to 180°
  • Pour cooking oil inYorkshireto your pudding tray about half full each
  • Place the tray in the oven for 15 minutes to heat the oil up
  • Carefully remove from the oven and drain a little oil before adding your Yorkshire mix and placing back in the oven for 30 minutes
  • Try not to open the oven as this will cause them to sink
  • When your puddings are a dark golden brown get them out

There you have it, the secret to our Yorkshire Puddings – we told you it was easy!

Of course if you don’t feel up to cooking them yourself you can always pop into the hotel for our Sunday carvery where the puddings are always on the menu. Book your meal today!

(Image: I’m George)

Welshisms: A Beginner’s Guide to the Welsh Language

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Here at the Dragon Hotel, it won’t surprise you that we’re proud to be a quintessentially Welsh hotel.


But when you come to stay here, you’ll be happy to know that we don’t insist on communicating in our beloved lingo. Nor when you’re shopping in Swansea market will you have to learn what the Welsh for pasty is (for what it’s worth, it’s called a pastai.)

However, if you want to speak a little of the local dialect when you stay, we won’t stop you! Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to some common Welshisms:


Voted as Wales’ favourite word, you’ll be hard pressed to visit Swansea or South Wales without heading the cutesy term cwtch.

The Welsh word for a cuddle or a snuggle, cwtch (pronounced COOTCH) can be found adorned on many lovely accessories in Swansea’s gift shops. You never know, if you’re lucky you might get propositioned for a cwtch in the middle of wind street if a local takes a shine to you.


If a local remarks to you that you’re being a little ‘chopsy’, then it might be worth shutting your mouth and doing a little listening. Chopsy means that you’re a talkative person with the gift of the gab…and not always in a good way!


Similarly, if someone calls you twp (pronounced TUP) then they think you’re stupid, daft and maybe a little dull. We’re sure they won’t, cos the Welsh are a friendly bunch.


To most of the UK, a butty is a sandwich. Not in Swansea, where a butty is a good friend. Remember, whatever you do in South Wales, don’t ask to eat a butty – locals will start looking at you funny.


Usually used by naughty school kids, mitchin’ is the name given to the age-old act of playing truant. When you stay here, we’re sure that you won’t want to be mitchin’ away from the Dragon Hotel.

Bwrw glaw

Unfortunately, when you visit South Wales there’s a high chance that you’ll get a bit of bwrw glaw (pronounced boo-roo GLOW) falling from the sky. Yes, that’s right, you might well come across some Welsh rain in Swansea.

Happily, bwrw glaw is a very satisfying phrase to say and somehow manages to encapsulate the dreariness of a rainy day and the comfort to be found in staying indoors in the warm.

Popdy ping

Chances are, you won’t be wanting to use one of these during your stay to South Wales, but there’s no doubt that the Welsh word for microwave (pronounced Pop-ed-ee PING) is one of the most pleasing words in the whole of the taff lexicon.

Want an authentic, accessible base from which to explore Swansea and South Wales? Get exclusive online rates when you book your stay to the Dragon Hotel today.

(Images: Photophob,  Sam Webster)