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Jeff Davies is Team Member of the Month: February

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Ode to Jeff

 Can he fix it? Yes he can!!
 Who needs Bob when Jeff’s our man?
Always there to mend the breaks,
 his steady hand that never shakes,
With a friendly nod and a furrowed brow,
 he goes to task with calm know how.
From leaky taps and shower heads
 to light bulbs, plugs and building beds.
He tackles all jobs with talent and skill,
 a man on a mission with his trusty drill,
Seeking out wrongs and putting them right,
with him around we can all sleep tight!
 So thank you Jeff for all you do, 
Team member this month just had to be you!!

 A huge thanks to Jeff for all the effort he puts into keeping the hotel safe and gremlin free!! Also congratulations are in order as he has just become a proud Grandfather for the second time –  welcome to the world Amy!!

Justin Williams – From Team Member of the Month to well deserved promotion!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the lovely Justin being nominated as Team Member of the Month, and now it gives us great pleasure to announce that due to his continued commitment and excellent Customer Service skills he has been promoted to Supervisor status!!

Praises and congratulations to one side, we thought that now would be the time to dig down into the nitty gritty of his life and spill the beans!!


His favourite drink is Red Wine, even more so now that it co-ordinates beautifully with his Red Supervisors Jacket!

 He has some hidden talents that we have the privilege in being the first to broadcast here….he is a dab hand at the old DJ turntables and has tried his hand at knife juggling (unsuccessfully)  he is getting married in 6 weeks and almost succeeded in chopping off his ring finger (accident or cunning plan???)

 He isn’t scared of ghosts or bugs or spiders but admits to being terrified of his future Mother-in-law!! Your not alone Justin (comforting pat on the shoulder!)

 He is also a self confessed Biker Boy and owns a Yamaha and a Honda and enjoys nothing more than a Sunday afternoon blazing a trail into the sunset!!!

 That’s it for now…we will keep you updated on the wedding progress.  Well done Justin!!

Golden service gets the seal of approval from Lord Mayor

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Lord Mayor of the City and County of Swansea, Councillor Richard Lewis with Brenda Porter and Catherine Garcia of The Dragon HotelFor many people reaching retirement age is a much-anticipated landmark, viewed with excitement and plans of putting your feet up.

But for one Swansea lady that’s been far from the case.

Now 82, Brenda Porter is still working as a waitress at the city’s landmark Dragon Hotel in a career that spans 50 years since the Hotel’s grand opening in 1961. Now as the Hotel celebrates its 50th birthday year Brenda has received a celebratory treat of her own.

After reading about Brenda’s exceptional service at the Hotel in the Evening Post, Lord Mayor of the City and County of Swansea, Councillor Richard Lewis invited Brenda along to a coffee morning to chat through her memories of the Hotel and Swansea over the last 50 years.

During her hour with the Lord Mayor, Brenda reminisced about the highlights of working at The Dragon Hotel, which have included working at the grand launch night in 1961, and serving the great and good of Swansea at the many charity and society events held at the Hotel.

Speaking of her invitation to meet with the Lord Mayor, Brenda said: “I had a truly wonderful time and was delighted to have had the honour to meet with the Lord Mayor and take tea in his office.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my 50 years working at the Dragon Hotel, and it was lovely to chat about the memories that we both share and the events that we have both played a part in at the Hotel. It was lovely to sit and talk with someone who has such a great knowledge of Swansea and its people.”

Lord Mayor of Swansea, Cllr Richard Lewis, said: “Brenda is clearly a remarkable woman. To have quite literally been serving the people of Swansea as well as many thousands of visitors to our great city for 50 years is a wonderful achievement that should be celebrated.

“It’s amazing that Brenda was there on the opening night of the hotel back in 1961 and is still there today doing a fantastic job. She is a tremendous ambassador for Swansea.”

Spring is in the air!!

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Happy St David’s Day everyone, the daffodils are blooming and the sun is shining!!

Tracey and I have been enjoying the 6 nations, we won’t talk about the team’s one defeat! We are preparing for the descent of our friends across the water – the Irish.  They definitely know how to party in style.  We love our Celtic visitors they are all so much fun!

“…Have I told you lately that I love you?” (The dulcet tones of our Reservations Manager fill the Front office and dogs everywhere start to howl!!)

Calling all Rod Stewart fans out there, we are already very busy for the 1st June so don’t leave it too late to reserve your room..  I am in great preparation learning all of his songs and I love to sing – badly as Tracey would say!! That should be a very good day/night so get your hair coiffed and your ‘Handbags & Gladrags’ at the ready!

A big heart on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Evening Post CuttingAs detailed in The South Wales Evening Post on Wednesday, 16th February 2011(right), February 14th saw The Dragon Health & Fitness Club staff and members take part in an organised event celebrating 50 years of the British Heart Foundation. Along with other gyms and health clubs in the Swansea area, The Dragon had to promote an event with the 50 theme in mind. Some discarded ideas included 50km on the treadmill, bike and rower but we finally set the challenge of swimming a combined effort of 50km in one day, it took a lot of hard effort and some long hours in the pool, in fact 2,777 lengths in total, but we managed to hit the target at 9.30pm! We would like to thank everyone who took part and sponsored the team for this great cause, the final sum of money raised is still unknown but appears to be over £350.

Completing this challenge now frees up the team to put their heart and soul into celebrating 50 years of The Dragon Hotel – I somehow don’t think that 50km on the treadmill is going to be included in those celebrations either!

Team Member of the Month – January 2011

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Justin WilliamsWell folks, it’s time again for us to look back on the previous month and choose a member of the Team who has stood out amongst colleagues and run that extra mile. A person who puts the happiness of others before themselves and strives to be the best of the best! I am delighted to announce that Justin Williams is that very person!


Justin works in the Brasserie and Restaurant at the Hotel and is well thought of by fellow employees and guests, due to his infectious sense of humour and camaraderie within the team.

A few interesting facts to know about Justin are:

  • His favourite colour is black (because it’s slimming)
  • He describes himself as ‘outgoing, energetic and trustworthy’.
  • His favourite food is steak and chips (Man food) washed down with a good Rioja
  • At the age of ten he nearly drowned after panicking whilst snorkelling, His best mate John rescued him in a selfless act of heroism

On the 30th of April this year Justin will be relinquishing his Bachelorhood in order to join the “Under the Thumb” brigade. He is rather peeved with Prince William and Kate Middleton for stealing both his lime light and his magazine deal with ‘Hello’ but refuses to hold a grudge!

He’s a little bit nervous about his upcoming nuptials due to the fact that his Fiancée is an avid fan of the television show ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ so he doesn’t know if she will arrive in a caravan or on a horse swamped in pink taffeta! Although he doesn’t care what she wears because he thinks that she looks gorgeous in anything (aww he’s a keeper!)

So huge congratulations to Justin for achieving the wonderful accolade that is Team Member of the Month, an award well deserved and all our best wishes for his pending marriage! We will keep all you avid blog readers posted on the wedding preparations!!

50th Birthday Media Spotlight

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Light show marks 50 years of the Dragon
South Wales Evening Post – January 8th 2011

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South Wales Evening Post – January 24th 2011

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South Wales Evening Post – February 12th 2011

Wedding Day Excitement as New Life started with New Landmark
South Wales Evening Post – March 28th 2011

Hotel’s ‘gift’ to tired rugby club
South Wales Evening Post – April 11th 2011

Birthday celebration as hotel hits a landmark
South Wales Evening Post – April 30th 2011

Dragon Hotel 50th Birthday

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011


“This house will belong, in a sense, to the people of Swansea. We hope you will use it and we hope this will become in its truest sense a house for the public of Swansea.” Sir Geoffrey Crowther, Chairman of Trust House Limited, 12th May 1961

Throughout 2011 we will be celebrating our 50th birthday and as Swansea’s longest established hotel we know The Dragon has played a large part in thousands of people’s special events and memories.

As the doors opened to the public on our opening night back in 1961 The Dragon Hotel was heralded as “Belonging to the people of Swansea”. Now fifty years on those words continue to ring true for every person born and bred in Swansea who can remember the happy events in their life that have taken place at The Dragon Hotel.

As part of our yearlong 50th birthday celebrations we will be creating The Dragon Memories Exhibition, which will look back and capture the role the Hotel has played in the lives of the people of Swansea over the last 50 years.

Since the Hotel first opened its doors in May 1961, we have regularly received pictures, letters and emails from our guests and former staff recalling their fondness for The Dragon and now we are extending the invitation and asking you to send in your memories, tales and photographs of The Dragon Hotel which will be included in The Dragon Memories Exhibition.

All photos and memories that are sent in will be looked after carefully and will then be returned to their owners following the exhibition, so please include details of your name and postal address on all pieces of the items that you kindly send in. Memories should be marked for the attention of The Dragon Memories Exhibition, The Dragon Hotel, The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1 5LS

View what’s being said in the media about our 50th Birthday Celebrations.

Roll up… Roll up…!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Last Sunday the big tent was bustling with revellers in their circus themed costumes for The Dragon’s Staff Christmas Party – traditionally held on the last Sunday of January as we’re all too busy with Christmas itself to party in December.Tara, Lou, Tracey, Sian, Peter

With plenty of bunting, popcorn and colourful balloons (courtesy of Balloon Occasions – thanks Denise and team) the ring was set for a night of fun.  

 Local band Silver kick started the evening as everyone enjoyed the dubiously coloured yet delicious welcome cocktail before the buffet was served.  A big thanks to the Kitchen team for supplying much needed sustenance.

Nisha and Jaidon: Fancy Dress Winners

Nisha and Jaidon: Fancy Dress Winners

 After a second set from Silver came the announcement that brother and sister team Tanisha and Jaidon were victorious in the fancy dress competition in their colourful home-made ‘jack in the box’ outfits.   A big congratulations to them!

 The raffle was next with a mixture of prizes including kind donations from Castell Howell; Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury; Howells Butchers; SA3 Bistro, Mumbles; Abbey Hotel, Birmingham; Virgin Atlantic; Monks Health Club and Spa, Machynys and Fine Wines.  Many thanks to all who contributed and to Lou who co-ordinated not only the raffle but the entire party (although failing to sell me a winning raffle ticket…).  It is with regret however that I must stress that there wasn’t a ticket to Australia in the Virgin Atlantic bag Beth – maybe next time?Lion tamer, Lion and Popcorn

 Finally the dance floor was open to resident DJ Steve to work his magic.  A huge thanks to you Steve for being, as always, willing to give of your time and talent to entertain us.  I am also eternally grateful to you for not bringing the karaoke machine into action as previously offered!!Claire and Karly

For more photos click here

Wedding Special Offers

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

All Inclusive Wedding Package 2014

For the first time, we are delighted to offer an all inclusive wedding package where everything has been put together for you for a total cost of £3,500 !!!

View our ‘All Inclusive Wedding Offer for 2014’


Evening Celebration Package

Have you got something to celebrate? The Dragon Hotel, Swansea’s premier city centre hotel is ready & waiting to make your event an occasion to remember! Evening Party Package from £16.95 per person. 

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