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Good Bye Tim

Monday, July 9th, 2012

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Tim Priestland, our long serving General Manager here at The Dragon, has left the hotel.

I have shared an office with Tim for over seven years – what am I going to do?  Who can I now rely on to open my office window?  To turn the heater on until we sit in sauna temperatures?  To mutter and splutter at what life throws at us?

I am even more devastated to think that we never did get to stage our very own episode of Faulty Towers – despite repeated requests, I never once succeeded in getting Tim to funny walk across Reception (even though I did manage to get Antonio to perfect his ‘que?’) – Oh, what a missed opportunity…

Nevertheless, I believe that I speak on behalf of the Team at The Dragon as a whole when saying Tim, you’ll be much missed.  We thank you for your leadership over the past seven years and wish you the very best for the future.

Ffos Las fun!!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Whilst it rained in Swansea and Trimsaran for the Ffos Las annual Ladies evening, the sun shone at the Dragon Hotel where there was an array of sunshine with all the colourful outfits, hats and fascinators that the ladies wore for the event. 

The guests were welcomed to a Pimms reception held in the Hotel’s Piano Bar later followed by a sumptuous buffet.  We were then transported via coach to Ffos Las by Dave (Davies Coaches) who dropped us outside the front door of Ffos Las racecourse as all the ladies were in their fine attire. 

A good day on the horses was had by all, a few losers but a lot more winners!

During the event, some of the Welsh speaking ladies were asked to do a brief interview with S4C Fashion Guru, Huw Rees, to discuss the day’s fashion. This was broadcasted live for S4C magazine programme, Heno.

We then returned to The Dragon Hotel, where the evening was finished in the Hotels lounge bar.

Some photos of the event have been updated on the Hotel’s Facebook page, so feel free to add your own pictures.

 An excellent day was had by all.

It’s all change in the Health Club

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Where do we start?? We’ve been up to all sorts in the health club recently. Lets start with the cute news:
Michelle returned to work following her maternity leave looking after baby Domenic, and now she’s left again to go on maternity with another on the way!

Then Karen followed suit and is also on maternity with her third on they way (Don’t worry..Tara’s safe from the ‘It comes in 3’s’, our spray tan guru Louisa has also had a beautiful little girl recently, so the spaces are all taken up). So we welcome Bryony to the team to join Sandra in our Beauty Treatment department.

Now onto the personal trainers of Swansea. First of all Tara has been busy absorbing more knowledge and has recently completed the Metabolic Effect Qualification which is the ultimate fat loss group personal training, Plus she’s looking forward to taking part in Strictly Come Swansea later in the year!

Rob has been nursing a few injuries following his training for the Iron Man, however is doesn’t stop him setting up a new Bootcamp group training in Swansea!

Andrew has survived the Paris-Roubaix 2012 in France and we’re delighted he didn’t have any nasty falls….although his legs are now super smooth!

James has been getting his head into the books learning everything he needs to know to complete his Level 3 Personal Training Qualification.

Holly has been travelling all over Europe participating in Triathlons and we welcome another team member Mike who has recently started and we look forward to him working with us in the health club!!!
Phew…Think that’s enough of an update for now!!!

Catch you soon!

Small Man in a Lift

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

What happens in the lift stays in the lift…

These were the immortal words I heard last Sunday as I walked across Reception.  I turned the corner just in time to see the lift doors close on Rob Brydon escorting Melanie Davies up to the first floor. 

I giggled to myself, pleased to see that the glut of comedians that had stayed with us over the weekend – including Jack Dee, Tim Brooke Taylor and Barry Cryer – were as down to earth and pleasant as the best of us (in fact, Justin is going to dine out on the fact that he made Jack Dee chuckle for a good few weeks). 

I was also glad to have the opportunity to chat with Melanie Davies later in the day.  (Without compromising events in the lift) she was able to tell me why she’d been spending time with the very busy Rob Brydon – he, amongst other auspicious celebrities – is a patron of TREAT Trust Wales, a registered charity founded by Melanie focusing on building and running a Treatment, Rehabilitation, Exercise And Therapy centre near Morriston Hospital. 

In the few moments I spent with Melanie, her story enchanted me – but I’m not going to tell you about it!  You’ll need to buy a copy of her book Never Say Die to hear the story in her own words. (Every copy sold contributes to the funds of TREAT Trust Wales).  Her passion is infectious and before I knew it I was holding the Olympic Torch, well Ok, an Olympic Torch – in fact Melanie’s Olympic Torch which she plans to auction in aid of TREAT with a provisio that it’s never to leave South Wales. 

I, of course was delighted!  I had seen the Olympic Flame when it stayed the night at The Dragon during its Swansea leg of the relay, and now I had also gotten to hold an Olympic Torch!  In a few years, nay months, who’s going to remember that the events did not happen simultaneously?  And you’ll never guess what I got up to in the lift…

Welcome back Cath

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

JonathanSo, as many others are preparing for their maternity leave, we welcome Cath, our Deputy General Manager, back from hers.  Her son Jonathan was born on Beaujolais Day last year and she can’t quite believe that she’s back at work already! ‘I really don’t know where the last six months have gone – the only measure I have that time has actually passed is how big Jonathan is getting!’ she says.

It has to be said that Jonathan is indeed a pudding, and the spitting image of his Daddy, Antonio.  Apparently he sleeps well and is as laid back as you can get – clearly his father’s son on every level in that case!  He also idolises his big sister Maya, which currently is a mutual thing although Maya did ask the other day whether ‘Mami could make a little sister’ for her…

New Kid on the Block

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Hi everyone! My name is Cheryl Entwistle and I’ve just joined The Dragon Hotel as Conference & Events Manager. It’s only my second week here so I’m still settling in and getting to know everyone and I really appreciate the help and support I have had so far so thank you! Since graduating I’ve built up an interesting career within tourism and hospitality predominantly within the conference and events industry, having worked in both hotels and a University.

I’m originally from Liverpool (and I’ve heard all the jokes!) but have lived in South Wales now for over six years after spending some time living in Spain and Leeds.

I have two cats, Ribena and Sparko, and I love Chinese food! I will be having my very first fake tan this week in preparation for my Dad’s wedding at the weekend so wish me luck!

Paperwork, Payslips & Parties!!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Well hello once again from the Accounts and Administration department here at the Dragon Hotel!!  We have been busy bees as usual keeping the bills paid and the paperwork up to date….

What a horrible May it’s been so far with the soggy weather, so much so that we have all been quite happy holed up in the dungeons working!!  It was Kelly’s (Admin) Birthday last week and so cakes were number one on the list of priorities and how we indulged!  Well it would have been rude not to hey!!

Our account manager Helen now has a fully completed brand new kitchen, so her stress levels have now come down to nearly normal (well she does have to work with us!).  Her biggest thrill so far has been opening the dish washer after it’s finished and seeing the gleaming dishes!! Somebody needs to get out more…and of course no one is allowed to use anything in case they dirty it!!!

…and so we continue on, always willing with pen in hand and calculator at the ready, the cogs in the machine, the hamsters in the wheel….the..oh you get the picture!! Until next time avid readers, lets have a sunny June!!

Dragon Beauty Baby Boom!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

There must be something in the air with our beauty department and we’re very excited to tell you that over the next few months there will be the addition of the pitter patter of 6 little baby dragon feet!

Firstly, our freelance Spray Tanner Louisa is expecting a little princess within the next two weeks, so we’re all very excited about the first arrival. Once we’ve welcomed our dragonette into the world we’ll be getting ready to welcome Karen’s little baby who’s due in September closely followed by Michelle who is due at the beginning of October!

Well, they say everything happens in three’s so Tara & Sandra can breath a sigh of relief that those three places have been taken up!

I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing Louisa all the very best of luck and we look forward to updating you with our baby boom news over the next few weeks

Admin & Accounts – Dragon Dramas cont….

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Mellow greetings to all you avid blog readers from the 4 musketeers of the admin and accounts office!! One for all and all for one is our motto – well when there’s starbucks involved it is!

Let us update you on the exciting news and dramatic occurances that have occured in our lives since our last installment.

Helen (Accounts Manager)  – Following the decision to have a new kitchen instead of a holiday this year, Helen has been a nervous wreck…..her caffine intake has trippled and we think perhaps so has upped her gin dosage!! (For nerves of course) It will all be worth it in the end Helen and we look forward to the grand unveiling..That said she has spent the last 4 weeks having her washing done and being fed by friends and relatives so we think she may be dragging it out on purpose!!

Kelly one – I must apologise for forgetting to mention that Kelly passed her exams! (There Kell I have done it now).  Kelly had a very exciting lead up to her sister’s wedding in which she was a bridesmaid and having seen the photos she scrubs up well!  She is now waiting for the birth of her nephew which should be any day now.

Hazel has been busy with her beautiful children and birthday parties and losing at the rugby (Hazel is an irish lass).

Then there’s me (Kelly 2)! I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for a NODA (National operatic and Dramatic Association) award for my portrayal of Adelaide in Guys and Dolls last year which I am very excited and shocked about…new frock to buy ready for the awards in June..I will let you know how it goes!

Well that’s our news for this month, we will keep you updated on all the exciting adventures we have.

Kelly 2, Kelly 1, Hazel and Helen.xx

Tara Hammett’s Healthy Handbook

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

My book is aimed at anybody that is interested in improving their lifestyles but need a bit of a point in the right direction. There are a few myths out there that people still believe so I’m aiming to educate people on a few rights and wrongs with nutrition whilst giving some handy, easy ideas along the way. Many of the people I meet struggle to think of new ideas to keep variety in their meals which will help keep them on track, so fingers crossed there may be a few yummy ideas of mine that people fancy trying.

Tara's Book

Everything I’ve covered in the book is all tips and information that I’ve been following myself and passing onto many of my clients over the years helping them to lose tremendous amounts of weight, boost their fitness levels, increase their confidence and achieve their own goals.

In the book I scratch the surface on a bit of nutrition info that I think people will be interested in and there’s loads of other info on how to increase your metabolism, how to stay motivated, things you already knew and things you may not. There’s also a few home exercise ideas in there plus a handy little note section that people can record their weigh and inches and track their success.

There are lots of quick and easy meal ideas and little twists on a few classics that everybody loves. My ‘Spin Bol’ (Spag Bol, without the Spaghetti but with Spinach instead) is becoming a little bit famous now and loads of people I have suggested it to totally love it.

As you’ll see, all my photos are my actual meals from my iphone (none of them airbrushed by the way . They’re all incredibly easy to make (If I can do it, I guarantee you can!), convenient and YUMMY!

I hope people will enjoy this book, carry it around with them, share it with their friends and family and I hope it encourages them to release the healthy person wanting to get out!!

For a limited time you can purchase my new book, for only £5.00 with a FREE VIP DAY Pass  to The Dragon Health Club Facilites

To buy your copy of my book, either call into The Dragon Health Club or it can be puchased online at my website.

Happpy Reading !