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New Kid on the Block

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Hi everyone! My name is Cheryl Entwistle and I’ve just joined The Dragon Hotel as Conference & Events Manager. It’s only my second week here so I’m still settling in and getting to know everyone and I really appreciate the help and support I have had so far so thank you! Since graduating I’ve built up an interesting career within tourism and hospitality predominantly within the conference and events industry, having worked in both hotels and a University.

I’m originally from Liverpool (and I’ve heard all the jokes!) but have lived in South Wales now for over six years after spending some time living in Spain and Leeds.

I have two cats, Ribena and Sparko, and I love Chinese food! I will be having my very first fake tan this week in preparation for my Dad’s wedding at the weekend so wish me luck!

Paperwork, Payslips & Parties!!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Well hello once again from the Accounts and Administration department here at the Dragon Hotel!!  We have been busy bees as usual keeping the bills paid and the paperwork up to date….

What a horrible May it’s been so far with the soggy weather, so much so that we have all been quite happy holed up in the dungeons working!!  It was Kelly’s (Admin) Birthday last week and so cakes were number one on the list of priorities and how we indulged!  Well it would have been rude not to hey!!

Our account manager Helen now has a fully completed brand new kitchen, so her stress levels have now come down to nearly normal (well she does have to work with us!).  Her biggest thrill so far has been opening the dish washer after it’s finished and seeing the gleaming dishes!! Somebody needs to get out more…and of course no one is allowed to use anything in case they dirty it!!!

…and so we continue on, always willing with pen in hand and calculator at the ready, the cogs in the machine, the hamsters in the wheel….the..oh you get the picture!! Until next time avid readers, lets have a sunny June!!

Dragon Beauty Baby Boom!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

There must be something in the air with our beauty department and we’re very excited to tell you that over the next few months there will be the addition of the pitter patter of 6 little baby dragon feet!

Firstly, our freelance Spray Tanner Louisa is expecting a little princess within the next two weeks, so we’re all very excited about the first arrival. Once we’ve welcomed our dragonette into the world we’ll be getting ready to welcome Karen’s little baby who’s due in September closely followed by Michelle who is due at the beginning of October!

Well, they say everything happens in three’s so Tara & Sandra can breath a sigh of relief that those three places have been taken up!

I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing Louisa all the very best of luck and we look forward to updating you with our baby boom news over the next few weeks

Cabaret Parties

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Anthony Mouton

  • Saturday 29th November
  • Saturday 6th December
  • Saturday 13th December
  • Saturday 20th December

All nights are priced at £36.00  per person and includes a 3 Course Set Christmas Menu, Resident DJ & Cabaret Entertainment from Anthony Moulton

For more information or to book a table, please contact our events team on 01792 657100

Click here to view our Christmas Brochure


Please refer to our Christmas Booking Information and our Full Terms & Conditions

Festive Meals

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Festive Lunch

  • From Monday 1st – Wednesday 24th December (Except for Sundays) –  £16.95 per person

Festive Dinner

  • From Monday 1st – Tuesday 23rd December – £24.95 per person

Festive meals are served in The Dragon Brasserie for bookings under 30 people, if you are interested in a festive meal for over 30 people please contact the events team on 01792 657100. All festive meals include; 3 course menu and Christmas novelties

Click here to download our Christmas Brochure

Please refer to our Christmas Booking Information and our Full Terms & Conditions

Admin & Accounts – Dragon Dramas cont….

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Mellow greetings to all you avid blog readers from the 4 musketeers of the admin and accounts office!! One for all and all for one is our motto – well when there’s starbucks involved it is!

Let us update you on the exciting news and dramatic occurances that have occured in our lives since our last installment.

Helen (Accounts Manager)  – Following the decision to have a new kitchen instead of a holiday this year, Helen has been a nervous wreck…..her caffine intake has trippled and we think perhaps so has upped her gin dosage!! (For nerves of course) It will all be worth it in the end Helen and we look forward to the grand unveiling..That said she has spent the last 4 weeks having her washing done and being fed by friends and relatives so we think she may be dragging it out on purpose!!

Kelly one – I must apologise for forgetting to mention that Kelly passed her exams! (There Kell I have done it now).  Kelly had a very exciting lead up to her sister’s wedding in which she was a bridesmaid and having seen the photos she scrubs up well!  She is now waiting for the birth of her nephew which should be any day now.

Hazel has been busy with her beautiful children and birthday parties and losing at the rugby (Hazel is an irish lass).

Then there’s me (Kelly 2)! I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for a NODA (National operatic and Dramatic Association) award for my portrayal of Adelaide in Guys and Dolls last year which I am very excited and shocked about…new frock to buy ready for the awards in June..I will let you know how it goes!

Well that’s our news for this month, we will keep you updated on all the exciting adventures we have.

Kelly 2, Kelly 1, Hazel and Helen.xx

Celebrate the Festive Season at The Dragon Hotel!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Christmas 2

This Christmas celebrate in style at Swansea’s favourite hotel. Whether it’s for an office party, family get-together or just meeting friends, we can offer you the best Christmas dining experience in Swansea.

Choose from a Christmas Party with entertainment from our Resident DJ or a Cabaret Party with entertainment from Anthony Moulton. Perhaps no entertainment is required and you’d simply like to get together for a superb Festive Meal – lunch and dinner options are available. You may be a large group in search of a private party – a number of function suites are available to cater for events of different sizes and we can also offer a Buffet Christmas Party on Sundays – Wednesdays. Alternatively you may wish to join others in an event where many groups get together to maximise the festive atmosphere – the choice is yours.

Santa is taking some time out of his busy schedule to visit The Dragon Hotel – make the most of this opportunity to meet the man himself on one of our Sunday Lunch Carvery with Santa dates!

Perhaps December is not a good month to celebrate – we’re happy to offer Festive Meal, Christmas Party and Christmas Buffet events in January for parties of 50 or more, specifically for those unable to party before the big day. The decorations will still be adorning your event and we’ll transport you back in time to give you the opportunity to celebrate the season at your convenience.

Why not celebrate Christmas Day itself here at The Dragon Hotel? Let us take care of the hard work whilst you relax and enjoy the company of those closest to you. We’ll greet you with Mulled Wine and Canapés upon your arrival and even take care of the washing up after the meal!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Dragon Hotel and join our Gala Dinner event. With live music accompanying good food and drink there’s no better way to welcome the new year.

Make the most of our Christmas Accommodation rate and extend your stay until the next morning. It isn’t worth risking your licence by driving home after the party. Why not stay overnight in one of our refurbished bedrooms? Check-In, relax and then join the party without the worry of how to get home.

Click here to download our Christmas Brochure

Should you like a Christmas Brochure mailed to you, make a reservation or require any further information please call our Events Team on 01792 657100 or, complete the contact us form noting Christmas in the queries box or email

Tara Hammett’s Healthy Handbook

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

My book is aimed at anybody that is interested in improving their lifestyles but need a bit of a point in the right direction. There are a few myths out there that people still believe so I’m aiming to educate people on a few rights and wrongs with nutrition whilst giving some handy, easy ideas along the way. Many of the people I meet struggle to think of new ideas to keep variety in their meals which will help keep them on track, so fingers crossed there may be a few yummy ideas of mine that people fancy trying.

Tara's Book

Everything I’ve covered in the book is all tips and information that I’ve been following myself and passing onto many of my clients over the years helping them to lose tremendous amounts of weight, boost their fitness levels, increase their confidence and achieve their own goals.

In the book I scratch the surface on a bit of nutrition info that I think people will be interested in and there’s loads of other info on how to increase your metabolism, how to stay motivated, things you already knew and things you may not. There’s also a few home exercise ideas in there plus a handy little note section that people can record their weigh and inches and track their success.

There are lots of quick and easy meal ideas and little twists on a few classics that everybody loves. My ‘Spin Bol’ (Spag Bol, without the Spaghetti but with Spinach instead) is becoming a little bit famous now and loads of people I have suggested it to totally love it.

As you’ll see, all my photos are my actual meals from my iphone (none of them airbrushed by the way . They’re all incredibly easy to make (If I can do it, I guarantee you can!), convenient and YUMMY!

I hope people will enjoy this book, carry it around with them, share it with their friends and family and I hope it encourages them to release the healthy person wanting to get out!!

For a limited time you can purchase my new book, for only £5.00 with a FREE VIP DAY Pass  to The Dragon Health Club Facilites

To buy your copy of my book, either call into The Dragon Health Club or it can be puchased online at my website.

Happpy Reading !

Join us in welcoming Kelly!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

New Kid on The Block!

My name is Kelly Haslam and I’ve recently started here at The Dragon Hotel as the Reception Manager. I have previously worked at The Bluebell Hotel Neath & The Ramada Encore, Swansea Bay known now as The Ibis.


I have worked in the hotel industry for the last 8 years and started off as a weekend breakfast assistant whilst I was studying Travel & Tourism at Swansea College. My intention once I finished college was to go on and work as an air hostess but whilst working in The Ramada my perception changed as loved working in the hotel.

I have been busy over the last few months getting to know the job & my team. This has paid off as I have been busy over the last week completing performance evaluations.

Current news with myself includes me having laser eye surgery in Bristol tomorrow & agreeing to assist my brother learning to drive in his new car – wish me luck!

Thank-you all for your continued support over the past few months & I would like to wish our guests past, present & future a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Team Member of the Month – Sean Warren

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Well hello avid readers!! Yes its once again time to award the Pretegious Team member of Month title, to the member of staff that has stood out for their dedication and hard work.  The award for December 2011 goes to the suave, tall dark and ridiculously handsome (he paid me to put that bit in!!) Mr Sean Warren…..cue fanfare and much applause!

During the month of December, Sean donned his armour and bravely ventured where others dread to tread – The STORE CUPBOARDS!!! (Anguished scream!!)

Thank you Sean for doing such a stirling job!