Dragon Hotel 50th Birthday


“This house will belong, in a sense, to the people of Swansea. We hope you will use it and we hope this will become in its truest sense a house for the public of Swansea.” Sir Geoffrey Crowther, Chairman of Trust House Limited, 12th May 1961

Throughout 2011 we will be celebrating our 50th birthday and as Swansea’s longest established hotel we know The Dragon has played a large part in thousands of people’s special events and memories.

As the doors opened to the public on our opening night back in 1961 The Dragon Hotel was heralded as “Belonging to the people of Swansea”. Now fifty years on those words continue to ring true for every person born and bred in Swansea who can remember the happy events in their life that have taken place at The Dragon Hotel.

As part of our yearlong 50th birthday celebrations we will be creating The Dragon Memories Exhibition, which will look back and capture the role the Hotel has played in the lives of the people of Swansea over the last 50 years.

Since the Hotel first opened its doors in May 1961, we have regularly received pictures, letters and emails from our guests and former staff recalling their fondness for The Dragon and now we are extending the invitation and asking you to send in your memories, tales and photographs of The Dragon Hotel which will be included in The Dragon Memories Exhibition.

All photos and memories that are sent in will be looked after carefully and will then be returned to their owners following the exhibition, so please include details of your name and postal address on all pieces of the items that you kindly send in. Memories should be marked for the attention of The Dragon Memories Exhibition, The Dragon Hotel, The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1 5LS

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